Damp on the moors…

Posted: 13/05/2012 in Uncategorized

Fist run of the day – might pop out again later. Mrs Bees wanted a trip to somewhere called Sparty Lea in Northumberland. It was picturesque little hamlet in the classic Northumberland style, or a bit dark and damp to put it another way.

Looking at a map, there was a path called “The Long Drag” leading out of the village and into the hills. Perfect for today’s 10-miler on the plan. We arrived, I packed up and headed off, only to find that a few hundred metres up the path was a large “Private Property – No Entry” sign. Sometimes I would hop over and go on,  but that wasn’t the way I felt today. I turned around and headed back to the car, but Mrs. Bees had headed off for a wander in another direction. I chose the public footpath over the road, and sure enough caught up with her a minute later.

After explaining the predicament, I headed off along the path she was on – very nice it was too. Over the river, and along the banks, past the church and some evil-looking cows. The ground was waterlogged, and there was a bit of strategic hopping over streams coming down the hillside and leaving swamps in their wake. The path turned up the hill, and off I set.

Now I’m no expert at the hills, and to be honest I ended up walking pretty quickly when the bank got steep. The path turned along the hillside, and I started crossing fields. I soon discovered that the fields were also properly waterlogged, and every step was kicking up a puddle of water. My feet were soaked, and the it was tough going through the mud.

Four or five fields in, and the next style led to an expanse of standing water, so I did the only sensible thing, I turned around and headed back. Caught up with Mrs. Bees on the way back to the car and headed home, slightly disappointed.

In total, something like 3 miles in about 35 minutes, I think. Back at home with a cup of coffee now, wondering if getting up at 5am to watch the sun rise was a great idea given that I feel a bit knackered now.

If I feel up for it later, I may go for a trudge up the coast this evening – will see how it goes – I wanted to get my 10 miler under my belt today.

  1. Hope you got your second wind. Having seen 5am myself I found a kip om the sofa for 30 mins was a great restorative

  2. Oh yes I did – just got back – new post coming in a mo…

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