Second time’s the charm…

Posted: 13/05/2012 in Uncategorized

After today’s first attempt at 10 miles was cut off unreasonably short due to a flooded countryside, I was keen to get back out. Returned home with great plans to head out, went to visit my father-in-law and sister-in-law and her two girls instead. Came home chomping at the bit and (after a nice cuppa) suited up and headed out (see how I’m painting myself like an astronaut or superhero there? That’s because I’m worth it). Bit of a blowy one, so I stuck my bargain Karrimor waterproof on for good measure.

Out onto the coast and tootling nicely along past the Spanish City and up to Panama Dip – I became aware that my left calf was feeling achy. I contemplated a shorter route, but decided that common sense is for another day and pressed on. Up past the Mini Golf, round the caravan park and up to Seaton Sluice. Calf still aching, but have just read Dean Karnazes first book I wasn’t about to let that faze me – the man runs 100+ miles with limbs dropping off – a little calf ache wasn’t going to get in my way.

All the way through Seaton Sluice, and now I’m up to four miles. Not bad going, though by this point I’m feeling a little tired and wondering if sense might not have been a good companion. The last mile, out towards Blyth along the dunes seemed to go on for ever. Kept checking my GPS and watching the numbers creep oh-so-slowly upward.

Finally! Mile 5 out of the way, and I can turn around. I necked a gel – always good for the brainbox’s view of the world, and spun around like rootin’ tootin’ gyroscope. Back toward Seaton Sluice, which now seemed an awful long way off in the distance, and past the dog walkers I’d passed coming the other way only a few minutes before.

I reached Seaton Sluice and headed along the front, aiming for the trail around the headland. Took the wrong turning and for a moment was running into the sea, but realised the error of my ways and turned around sharpish. Around the trail, which goes around the other caravan park – no sign of the alpacas today. Into the carpark and along the trail past St Mary’s Lighthouse – feeling proper tired now, and heading towards my eighth mile.

Now onto the links, and the run along the waterlogged mini-golf course – having trouble feeling my legs and feet now, but plug on regardless. I did think about walking for a bit, but realised that way led the slippery slope of more walking and ultimately not running. Down the stairs at the stream , over the wee hill and then drop down onto the Promenade along the top of the beach. Plug, plug, plug, it becomes a wager between your brain and your body – which will give in first. As it turned out, neither. Up the stairs onto the top, past the Spanish City for the second time and along the home strait of the path along the road above the rocks. Bish, bash, wallop, job’s a good ‘un.


  • Distance: 10.05 miles (yee-ha!)
  • Time: 1’40.34 hours
  • Average pace: 10’10” per mile – not too shabby, given I was raking in 12 minute miles towards the end.

Got home to very sore legs and feet, a slight inability to co-ordinate and some freshly made bread. Sounds about perfect, don’t it?


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