Back in Blighty

Posted: 03/06/2012 in Uncategorized

How nice to get back to a bed that I fit into – to say I had a good night’s sleep is a bit of an understatement. So much so, that I woke up at 7am feeling nice and refreshed and decided it was time to head out. Given the wonky knee adventures en France, I thought something longer and slower (oo-er) might be the ticket.

It was a bit of a shock heading into the North Sea breeze and lowering clouds instead of a warm and delightful French valley, but it was not bad for a Whitley Bay morning. I decided to head up to Seaton Sluice – next week is the 150th Anniversary Blaydon Race at 10km, and the run up there would be about right.

It may be a bit less balmy than running in France, but there were more runners around to share a jaunty hello with. The Spanish City looked nice and white as I went past, then Panama Dip and the Mini Golf Course. The turn off to the lighthouse, which would give me a 5km if I turned around here, but no dice, I’m in it for the longer distance.

Up past the caravan site and up the gentle incline to Seaton Sluice. The top of the hill at the start of the village is around a 5 mile return, so I plod onto the road along the sea front. I would turn off onto the headland to make the 10km distance, but the end of the village is calling to me – I headed further on along the road to reach the Kings Arms (I think) at the far end, looking out to sea.

OK, let’s call that half way – calf is a little wingey, but my knee is holding up, so I turn around – covering around a 10’30” mile by now, but that fits into my slower run mission, and not too bad, I reckon.

Onto the headland, and I pass a couple of runners heading the opposite way – more cheery hellos and then I’m back to the car park at the start of the other headland past the lighthouse. Along there and I’m feeling a little tired, but not lethally so – pop out onto the Links and along the cliff tops at the edge of the Mini Golf Course – more dogs, more runners, more hellos. Down the steps to the stream and across the bridge – a walker coming the other way pauses, saying “you’re going faster than me”. “Only just”, I answer back, and plod up the hill and drop down onto the promenade along the top of the beach. I’d usually expect this to be a difficult bit with a wonky limb, as it’s concrete slabs, and wildly unforgiving, but it’s actually pretty groovy. Past the skate park and up the Hill-Of-Proving-I-Can-Run-Up-Silly-Hills and I’m back on the top, past the Spanish City again. At this point, someone overtakes me, and for a few minutes I have a fun time keeping pace with them and seeing them look a bit concerned that they’re not burning me up. After a bit if felt like work, so I let them slowly head off into the distance.

Back to the start and that’s me – a total of seven miles in about 1 hour 10 minutes or thereabouts… I’ll add the numbers when I download them from the GPS, but for now I’m having a coffee… 🙂


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