Ye shud a’ seen us gannin’…

Posted: 07/06/2012 in Uncategorized

Today was the last run before the 150th Anniversary Blaydon Race on Saturday. It went well – very well, in fact, I surprised myself with a decent clip (for me) all the way around the 10km (ish) route up to Seaton Sluice and back. Lefty Calf was a bit wingey, but not in any significant way, and Lefty Knee was positively silent on the matter.

I won’t bore you with the details, as you probably know the route as well as I do by now.

My friend Pete sent me a “World’s Smallest DV Recorder” through the post – it’s something cyclists use, and is a darn sight less expensive than the £300 GoPro Hero2 I’m secretly lusting after. Good for a test, I reckon. It has a clip attachment that has come apart on me once already when it was in a pocket, so I took the nearest thing to hand, some micropore tape and lashed the component bits together. Attached it to the belt of my water bottle holder and Bob’s your uncle.

Now you might be wondering why this entry isn’t replete with glorious videography, mightn’t you? Truth be told there were two issues. Number one is best described as “user malfunction”, or rather the fact that I’m still a little portly for a runner, with the consequence that the camera was actually pointing somewhere down towards the pavement. There was (eventually) some great footage of the passage of pavement below me, and an occasional “whoo!” moment when a manhole cover sped into view and back out again. There may have been a double yellow line, but I may have invented that to entice you to the wondrousness of it all.

However, it did work, which was pretty amazing, and the video was OK quality, too.

Problem two was that it seemed only to record the first 24 minutes of my almost-hour run. No idea what that’s about. When I got back, the computer threw a tantrum at looking at it while the card was still in the camera. So I put it in a reader, and lo, I could watch the fabulous grey-tiled landscape pass beneath me. But I couldn’t import it into iMovie, so I couldn’t trim say 10 seconds of it to explain visually what was going on. Was the file too big? Was iMovie just not playing? I frankly have no idea. If you have any idea, then answers gratefully received on a postcard, or you could just save yourself the time and post a comment.

I think I can get over problem number one with a cheeky wedge of foam, so the camera is angled up a bit. Problem two may require a bigger brain than mine. I may still take it along on Saturday, just for a laugh. I’m also trying to find my compact camera so I can capture some shots while we’re underway.


  • Time: 55’57″56 – whoo-hoo!
  • Distance: 6.11 miles
  • Average Pace: 9’13” per mile – that’s pretty speedy for me

So why do I think today went better? Knee improved? Could be. Ran a little later in the day? Could be. (Is this turning into Hong Kong Phooey? Could be). I think it may also have been the amazing power of baked beans (don’t go making your own jokes up, I’ll get there sooner or later myself). I think I have a relatively low level of protein in my diet, I’m a vegetarian and I try to stick to raw food (sometimes), and while I’m told there’s lots of protein in spinach, I don’t suspect there’s as much as there is in, say, a big steak. Except for beans, beans are loaded with the stuff (I believe, I may be wrong I suppose) and I think that helps, in much the same way as carb-loading. Unless they’re full of carbs, in which case it is identical to carb-loading.

Anyway, that and the extra jet-power that comes from a good tin of beans seem to have done the trick. (See, told you I’d get around to the same joke you thought of earlier).

So, that’s it, Saturday is the Blaydon Race, I’ll be practicing me singing in the car, and beyond that there’s not a lot more to do. Need to wash my frankly revolting kit and make sure I’ve got an adequate supply of things in case it’s hot/cold/wet/hungry. See you on the other side!

EDIT: Hang on, I’ve managed to figure out this movie thing now – here it is (you’d better get some popcorn)… Link to flickr

  1. Simmo says:

    I have the sport pack for the muvi – might have some suitable attachment in it for you. Let me know if you think you need anything.

    As for getting the stuff onto your Mac – it’s a bugger. The camera uses NTFS file system which is Windoze so I had a bunch of problems using it with my mac. Two options: dual boot into Windows to read it; or get your Mac set up to read NTFS. The latter seems a bit fiddly but perfectly possible. I haven’t got round to doing it yet.

    • Thanks for that – seems like using it in a card reader solves the problem in terms of it being visible to the Mac – not sure if it gapes at a larger file size than 2 Meg, which is about the length of the 24 minutes captured. Might try short busts, as earlier tests in the house have worked just fine…

      Mounting-wise – don’t know, my middle seems to move around a bit (like I couldn’t have guessed) when I’m running, but I’m not wild to wear a helmet for a run (I already look odd) – seen a couple of folk with chest mounts for GoPros, but don’t think I’ve got the time or talent to rig something up – probably make do with the belt and a wedge of sponge for now. 🙂

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