Time for a quickie?

Posted: 11/06/2012 in Uncategorized

Just a short run tonight for two reasons.

Firstly, my road shoes are still wet from the Blaydon Race on Saturday – I suspect they may be damp a while longer. Roads, therefore are not the in thing in the angrybees house. I’ve put them out in the evening sun in the hope that might do something for them, but they look a little sad.

Secondly is the looming Hadrian’s Wall Half Marathon in less than two weeks – billed as “multi-terrain”, it recommends a good pair of trail shoes to see you through. Luckily, my Mizuno Wave Harriers are dry and up to the job. However, I don’t have the time in the morning to during the week to drive out to the Country Park, run, come home and get ready to work (at least I don’t think I do). So it’s evening running for the run up to the halfie.

I had to drop a cheque off after work, so I headed home, got changed, dropped the envelope through the door and headed to the Rising Sun. It was, let me just say, a glorious evening – warm, still and sunny. I arrived and head off up the road, feeling lefty to be a bit sore from Saturday, not helped by an hour’s pedal-action on the boating lake with my nephew yesterday.

It was a bit of a joy getting back off the roads, and I realised it’d been just too long since I hit the trails. Holding my pace back to try and qualify as an easy run I headed along the dirt track, around past the stables and onto the hill. In the few weeks since I’ve been there the grass has started to grow, and the last week’s rain had left the ground nice and soft. Up, up, up we go and I was at the top of the hill – feeling pretty good apart from the leg, and noticing that I wasn’t feeling out of breath – how much of a change since Christmas when I was struggling to make it up in two run/walk intervals. That’s a great feeling right there, and another reason to feel glad that I started this running lark.

Down the other side of the hill, and realising that I need to work on softening my downhills – there’s just a bit too much jarring right now, and it was aggravating the ol’ leg.

Along the trail through the woods, which was pretty special with the late evening sun picking it’s way through the branches, past a runner coming the other way that I’d passed earlier on for a brief “hello again”, and I was back to the road. Plodded back to the car park and Bob’s your uncle, run done. About 2.5 miles in about 20 minutes – faster than I was aiming for, but very, very pleasant.

I noticed that my OMM Ultra Was it Pack has started coming away on the bottle holder – will have to give them a bell tomorrow and see what can be done. Love the pack to pieces, run with it whenever I need to carry more than just a bottle, and not liking the thought of doing without it for the halfie.It’s just the mesh that’s torn, so I’m assuming it’s an easy fix – I’ll report back on the verdict once I know.

See what I mean…?


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