What do you mean, twice?

Posted: 13/06/2012 in Uncategorized

Saturday is the inaugural Whitley Bay Parkrun. As it’s my new local Parkrun I plan to turn up. Link here.

I figured it would be good to give the route a go, it’s my home turf and I run around the route all the time. So, I checked out the route, headed out onto the coast and started running off to the start point, the War Memorial in front of the Spanish City.

The route goes down by the skate park, along the top of the beach to the end of the promenade, over the oh-so-cute bridge at the top and up the hill to the road. From there it turns back and runs back to the promenade then up onto the top and along back to the skate park. So far so good, but as I went along I noticed the distance just wasn’t clicking up. By the time I got to the end of the route I’d covered around two miles including the extra run along the front to the start.

Back to my start point and I’d racked up about 2.7 miles, and was mildly confused, though I had a feeling that maybe it was two laps. Got home, checked the route again and sure enough it’s a two lapper. Interesting, though I can see it causing some confusion as the front runners might be coming through at the same time that the back markers are finishing their first lap. I can see this might add an extra dimension of fun to the run as some runners may get an uber-quick time if they’re not switched on to the lapping thing.

Anyhow, the tweak in my thigh that I picked up opening the door for the cat at 3am this morning seems to have worked its way out, while the twinge in my calf and ankle from the Blaydon Race is persisting. Think I might give it a rest until Saturday.


  • Distance: 2.74 miles
  • Time: 23’56”
  • Average pace: 8’49″/mile – much faster than I was aiming for, tch!
  1. Anita says:

    Ooh, that sounds interesting – shall be interested to hear how you get on – hope the niggles sort themselves out Dave!

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