Taper, taper, like the tapeworm…

Posted: 20/06/2012 in Uncategorized

So, only four days to go until Hadrian’s Wall Half Marathon, and tonight was probably my last run before the big day. I had two three things in mind for tonight:

  • Try out my Wave Harriers and ensure my feet felt fine
  • Check out my swanky new Ronhill Twin Trail shorts – they’re water repellent, something that I suspect may come in handy on the day
  • Not to knacker any parts of myself – that would be bad

All good, so off I headed, feet on and adequately clothed for the balmy evening weather.

A quick spin around the country park, something in the order of two and a half miles should do it – nothing too strenuous, either, aiming to re-live my hurty = slower = better magic trick from Monday night.

There were a lot of horses tonight, and not in the fields either, they were ramming the path with their flare-y nostrils and their oh-so-deadly hooves. Luckily they all seemed to be relatively chilled, and I managed not to offend, scare or otherwise antagonise the blighters.

Starting off on the approach road, I figured my shoes were un-padded enough to be causing a little bit of calf tenderness – that’s my big worry for race day, the course is “mixed surface”, by which it means a good six miles of the thirteen are on roads. Trail shoes, especially wafer-thin trail shoes are probably not the best for that terrain, though if it rains much (and I’m promised it will by Geoff at work), then they will make up for it on the grass and trails. If it holds dry (and I’m promised it won’t, also by Geoff), then I may switch them for my Asics 1160s and hope the trail isn’t too gnarly.

Without much effort I was holding my pace down to 10:10, which seemed good, and I plodded around in good humour. The hill was OK, although I could feel the added strain on my muscles – don’t think the halfie has much hill involved, so I’m not worrying about that over much.

The new shorts behaved well, I’ll post a capsule review after Sunday, but suffice to say they’re a form-fitting inner made out of stretchy-thon and a baggy outer made of less-stretchy-thon. They felt a bit odd, as I’m used to running in my free-in-the-breeze Nike shorts, but nothing too peculiar, and very comfortable. Should it rain, I feel the alleged water-repellentness will give me the edge over any sodden chums I make along the way.

Through the woods, past some young chaps who felt shouting and swishing sticks was good fun and I was back to the approach road. A plod down to the car, and my left calf was feeling a little bone-ache, but I reckon I could live with it.

Don’t think I’ll be out again ahead of the day, though you never know, I may go for a mile or two at the end of the working week.


  • Duration:  27’37”
  • Distance: 2.73 miles
  • Average pace: 10’07” per mile – nice gentle pace
  1. Linda C says:

    Good luck for Sunday. I did my first half marathon in May and enjoyed every minute of it even though my longest run up until that day had only been around 8 miles! I have to admit that the last 3 miles were the hardest but the last 400 metres were AMAZING!! Enjoy and I look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Thanks Linda! I expect it will be a challenge, especially as it’s a trail run, but I also expect to enjoy it if previous firsts have been anything to go by. You can be sure I’ll have something to say… 🙂

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