Upbeat rocks!

Posted: 03/07/2012 in Uncategorized

I realised today that I’d been becoming a bit of a miserable runner, rather than the giddy, childish, idiot-grinning runner that I really am. I have no idea why – perhaps it was the injured knee, maybe it was the stress of other things bleeding in, perhaps the aliens had given me a brain transplant.

It was while driving back from the DIY store, replete with planks and paint, and listening to Florence and the Machine’s rendition of “You’ve Got The Love” that I had an epiphany, and realised that I had no reason to be a miserable runner, and that I should get out there and grin at somer folk.

So, shorts on, check (phew). Top on, check (double phew). I decided to take the OMM Last Drop backpack out for an inaugural spin, I bought it an age ago with the mad idea of running to work. So far, I’ve run to work a total of once, and the excitement of changing, showers, etc. has stopped me from doing it again. I’ll probably give it another go at some point, as it’s a nice idea, but not right now.

Off I trotted, and rapidly noticed I was clocking the thin end of 9 minute miles, which was a little faster than I was looking to go – so I scaled back, but it didn’t stick, and soon I was back up in the mid nine minutes. Well, if your legs want to go at a certain speed, then let ’em, that’s my philosophy, especially as Lefty Knee has been so far silent. The pack was holding up nicely, not digging in, not too tight, although in order to avoid garrotting myself with the chest strap I’d had to mess with the shoulder straps and was now wearing the waist strap around the top of my tum. Not that it was causing any kind of bother, so let it be (to quote the song).

I won’t bore with strung out details of the run, suffice to say it was immense fun, I grinned like the stupid inner child I know is hiding in there, said hello to everyone I passed and generally had a blast. How could I have forgotten how much fun running is?

Definitely think I’ll be using the OMM pack again – if only it had a little pouch on the front for gels and bits it would be about perfect. Need to have a play with the straps, though, to get them right.


  • Time: 54:47
  • Distance: 5.6 miles
  • Average pace: 9:50

In other news, I’m now following a marathon training plan. Being a less-than-rich chap, I looked for a freebie and ended up with the Asics app for iPhone. It seems to work quite well, and the fact that it’s telling me what to do in preparation for the Kielder Marathon in October removes a bit of stress.

  1. thebriars says:

    Next time youre doing the smiling thing, see if you can get a smile or anod even out of a cyclist. Miserable bu99ers…

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