Love letter to my knee…

Posted: 07/07/2012 in Uncategorized

“Dear Lefty Knee,

We’ve been together for a little while now, some might say through thick and thin. Granted a lot of the years before I reached 39 could be ticked off in the ‘thick’ column, but since I’ve started running I think we’re seeing more of the ‘thin’ side of things.

I know you sometimes find things hard when we go running, and try to get my attention by aching. I do notice, honest, but I also have the greatest appreciation for your ability to keep on going and get me to the end of the run. In some ways, this makes you the more amazing knee, given that Righty Knee now just does his job and raises no fuss. However, I think we can all remember the dark days of December, when a run without Righty Knee complaining was unheard of, and led to a trip to the docs.

Just though it was worth letting you know how much I think about you, and hope you’re coming to terms with this new approach to life, I’m sure it’ll all be fine and you’ll adapt admirably. Then you, me, and Righty Knee can get on with some serious distances and see how far we can go together.



There’s nothing wrong in communicating with your joints and limbs, as I think I said a good while ago. My internal monologue tonight was mostly a discussion with Lefty Knee, who has ongoing issues with running distances. Tonight was 7.5 miles, and he was none to impressed at the mid-point, though he was more into the groove by the end.

I’ve been trying to express love for my knee while running, not in some mad hippy way (though there’s nothing wrong with that, you know), more in a motivational and empowering way. In much the way that randomly swearing at children won’t bring out the best in them*, I reckon that being down on my knee won’t help him out any either.

This approach led to a conversation, perhaps more of a monologue, as we headed home along the Promenade at the top of the beach – although I had the feeling he was listening, as the ache subsided. I’m a firm believer that the various parts of me can have a good social life – last night I saw my feet waving at me out the end of the duvet, so I did what was only natural and waved back. It made me (and my feet) feel pretty good. I had to explain to Mrs. Angrybees, and she laughed, which I took to be a deep understanding of the concept…

As there has been a general feeling of inundation, with more to follow, I decided that tonight was probably the best time for tomorrow’s 7.5 mile ‘comfortable’ run on the marathon training plan. There was more mist than you could shake a stick at, and I should know, I spent a good while waving a twig towards it, and never quite finished the job.

As I do more short transition runs in my barefoot shoes, I’m reaching the conclusion that my regular shoes amy be what’s doing in Lefty Knee – I haven’t had any pain in the Vivobarefoots, though in fairness I also haven’t run more than a wee way in them either. There has been, however, no crippling calf pain, such as when I tried to run barefoot on the beach back in the Spring.I’m desperate to to work through this transition thing so I can use the barefoot shoes for longer runs and on the trails – if I’m not ready to go by the time of the Kielder Marathon I shall be unhappy.


  • Distance: 7.52 miles
  • Time: 1:17.45
  • Average pace: 10’31” per mile
That’s not a bad time, as I was trying to keep my pace down to the 11 minute mile that the Asics marathon planner was suggesting for me. Started around the 10 minute mile, ended around 11. Wonder how long I could keep the 10-11 minute mile up – if it was possible to keep doing that for a long time, then I think I could be in with some impressive times for ultras. Suspect it’s not sustainable over long distances, but I am thinking about going in for Rat Race’s ‘The Wall” next year – saw them finishing at the Baltic at Gateshead this year, and it looked mint. Need to work my way up to 69 miles though, reckon it may take a bit of doing… 🙂

* Not that I’ve tried it – I’m just assuming that’s the case…


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