Transition me softly…

Posted: 09/07/2012 in Journal, Running

After a few shorter interval sessions of walk/running with my new barefoot shoes from Vivobarefoot, I decided to roll out the full-on running tonight and see what happened. As I’m still a little concerned over my legs dropping off, I decided to run a quick mile and see how it felt.

It felt ace – my feel felt quite bouncy, not like the bounce I get from my Asics cushioned shoes, more like my feet were made of bouncy balls (that’s rubber balls, American cousins). A quick glance at my watch showed I was running 9’20” pace, which was far faster than I’d intended, so I slowed it down a bit. Think i came in on one mile just short of ten minutes, which is about right I reckon.

The bad news? A little bit of aching calf, and a tiny twinge of shin splints, but nothing major (will check that again when I get up in the morning though, my view may have changed by then).

The good news? Not a hint of a twinge from Lefty Knee – by a mile I’d usually be noticing him even if it wasn’t aching. On that basis alone, I declare the run a success and hopefully I can keep up the transitioning – maybe another mile later in the week and see how that works out.

One of the interesting things with the Vivobarefoots is that I feel like they’re too loose – not because they are, but because the toe-box has so much room in it that I can’t feel the sides with my toes like with my conventional shoes. That in itself will take a little getting used to, but the omens are good for longer term barefooting…


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