A bit of a change does you good?

Posted: 10/07/2012 in Journal, Running

Marathon training continues apace – tonight was a 5 mile run at a faster pace. Following last night’s quick barefoot shoe mile, my left calf was a little achy, and my right ankle a little sore. No worries, just need to keep an eye on how things develop. One of the odd things I mentioned yesterday was that although I had hurry shins and a slightly painful ankle, I didn’t get any knee pain. But the question was whether that was due to a short run rather than efficient knees…. guess it’s time to find out?

Well, in short I ran five miles with not a peep from Lefty Knee – the left calf was a bit sore, and it was a case of “hello shin splints, my old friend” – thought we’d done with that bit of fun back in November. Not a bad attack, and nothing like when I started out, and I know they’ll sort themselves out in time. My right ankle was a little more of a worry – very achy, but I decided it was in a use sort of pain, rather than misuse.

It led to a bit of thinking, along the lines that doing something a bit different – in this case a bit of running in my barefoot shoes – has shifted things along a bit. My long term knee issue seems to have quietened down (for now at least – will keep an eye on it), to be replaced with other aches I know will be temporary. Is this a sign that my gait is miraculously improving? Is it a gift from the gods? Who knows? Who cares? It’s all good regardless.

In other, wilder, stranger news, I’ve pretty much decided to have a pop at The Wall next year, Rat Race’s 69 mile jaunt along Hadrian’s Wall. It’s another ridiculous example of planning to do something I’m not currently capable of, but if I’ve learned anything about myself, it’s that daft challenges make me smile and give me something to aim at.


  • Distance: 5.52 miles
  • Time: 52’40.14
  • Average pace: 9’40” per mile (aim was 9’43” max, so not too far off)
  1. I’ve just had a bit of a catch-up session on your posts. Good to see the transition is going well. At this rate, you’ll have soon gone through barefoot and out the other side (which I imagine involves flippers, ice skates or diving boots).

    Please give lefty knee a strawberry bonbon on my behalf. He’s doing a grand job.

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