Another two miles…

Posted: 17/07/2012 in Uncategorized

The transition continues – another two mile run along the front in my barefoot shoes.

Again, it went pretty well, but this time I didn’t hold my pace back as much as previously – I tried to run easy, and found I was hitting my 9’20” pace without feeling much effort – granted with a higher number of foot strikes  per minute, and probably therefore a shorter stride.

Consider the marathon training plan officially out the window – I’m aiming to run more often, shorter distances and build up from there. I reckon I can catch up the distance as I go, especially seeing as how Lefty Knee seems happy. I’m still getting some aches in my left calf, but again I think this is from use and adaptation, rather than overuse or bad form.

I’ve found an excellent Facebook page that’s just started up, Northumbria Barefoot Running, run by a lecturer at Northumbria University. There’s an event on tomorrow night talking about barefoot running, but I found out too late to get a place. I’m hoping it will take off and there may be more, maybe even the opportunity for a barefoot running group.

Put together a plan for a spot of running at lunchtime at work – there’s a hill over the road from the office, so I may be able to fit in some hill training for short periods when my diary allows. Just need to pick up some shower gel and deodorant so I can clean myself up afterwards…


  • Distance: 2.20 miles
  • Pace: 9’44” per mile – didn’t pick up the time…

In other news, I’m entering Rat Race’s “The Wall’ next June, 69 miles from Carlisle to Newcastle along Hadrian’s Wall. Stopping off overnight at Vindolanda for a camp, it sounds ace. In a stroke of good look, my mate from work, Jon, is up for it too, so I may have a running buddy for the event (and hopefully some of the training). The biggest task is a team name, we’re currently working on “The Dashing Accountants”…

  1. Off the top of my head…

    The Number Punchers 

    The Budgeteers

    We’re certainly accountants

    Fiscal funsters

    • All sounding good to me – I’d thought of “Fun With Numbers”, but then we might get mistaken for teachers, or worse still people may think we don’t treat our profession with the gravity it deserves… the very idea. 🙂

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