A day of two halves (and the night before)

Posted: 28/07/2012 in Parkrun, Running

Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony? You must have watched it, right? I watched it. It was fantastic – a bit mad, a bit funny, a bit scary, and it included the Queen jumping out of a helicopter. What more could you ask for?

On that basis, we stayed up until after 1am this morning to watch the end, and considered it well worth the effort. That was until the alarm went off this morning to get up and go to our local Parkrun. J was planning to volunteer (as she’s not up to a 5km yet on the walk/run programme) and I was going to run despite my bruised foot bone from last week. Faced with the joint problems of a sleepy wife and an achy foot, I decided to head down and help out, leaving J to have a bit of a lie-in.

I turned up and got the job of scanning tags at the end of the race – mildly terrifying as I’ve never done it before. However, after working through the possible options of person number / position number and got / not got / won’t scan, I was happy that I had the eventualities pinned down.

It’s a nice, warm feeling volunteering at a race, especially a Parkrun, where you get to know the people – I can heartily recommend it to anyone who might be thinking of giving it a go. Also, if you have a hurty foot, then it means you get the morning off to rest said foot.

As the first runners arrived, I finally realised how much they were putting into what is, for me, a nice 5km Saturday morning jaunt. These folk were dripping sweat unable to speak can’t quite focus on the matter at hand kind of worn out. The queue built up, and I spent then next twenty five minutes repeating the mantra “person number : position number” and scanning my little heart out.

Following the Parkrun, a lot of Olympic-watching commenced, with a bit of other things mixed into the mix. Roll forward to half eight, and I was feeling pretty worn out, maybe due to the late night the evening before.

However, I was feeling restless, my foot wasn’t hurting (no idea when that happened), so I figured I’d go out – I stuck on my old cushioned shoes in the theory that that might spare my bruised foot a little (it’s the soft bit between the ball and the heel that hurts, so there is actual method to that madness). Out the door, and off for what turned out to be a surprisingly fun five miles – all the way to the Lighthouse, where I noticed the tide was out and the causeway was dry, so I ran over the causeway and around the Lighthouse. Which made me laugh – maybe just a little too loud, as I got some funny looks from the handful of people on the causeway with me.  A quick search of my memory and I couldn’t recall a film called “Stuck on a Causeway”, so I couldn’t see what cultural reference they had to feel uneasy.

Anyway, suffice to say it was nice to get out and run a little distance, even if it was quite a short distance – perhaps I will add the odd cushioned-shoe-LSR into the mix again…


  • Distance: 5.00 miles
  • Time: 50’04″26
  • Average pace: 10’10” per mile

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