One in, four in…

Posted: 04/08/2012 in Barefoot, Event, Parkrun, Running, Transition

It’s been two days, and I’ve had four runs – does that seem like a lot? Bar the first one today, none were especially taxing, though cumulatively they’ve added up to my being a little tired.

First of all, Friday, and after a full-on week at work, I finally made it out for a lunch time run – just four miles, along the excellent Waggonways routes in North Tyneside to the Rising Sun Country Park – not especially fast, but it was way hot, and I enjoyed myself. Got a tiny bit of grit in my shoe and managed to erase a surprising amount of skin before picking up the problem (currently got a plaster across the top of my big toe, held on with the worlds largest collection of micropore tape as the thing keeps falling off). Think my pace was around 9’40” or thereabouts.

Cut to today, and first run of the day was the magnificent Whitley Bay Parkrun. Today is officially the last day ever that I can compete in the 35-39 male category, so I thought I owed it to myself to have a pop at my own personal best of 26’53” for the route. It was an ace morning for a run, and I bumped into the nice chap from London (well, from here, but he lives in London and runs here when visiting family) who was celebrating his birthday last time I saw him.

Suffice to say, I ran my little socks off (not quite literally, but it was a close shave) and came out with a time of 25’13”, a whole minute and a half faster. As I walked home, triumphant and leaving a trail of sweaty drips as I went, I realised that although I’m stepping up to the considerably more adult and serious 40-45VM category, I have set myself a difficult target to beat. Perhaps next time I will hark back to my younger days as a runner and reminisce about the speeds I attained?

Then, home, shower, pick up family and back out for the next instalment in G’s 13 week beginning to run programme, which turned out to be the same as week 2, as she’s finding it tough going – we did that, 8 intervals of 1 minute run/ 3 minute walk and she felt like she was going to feint, which I took to mean some exercise had taken place. Sent her back home with the keys and instructions not to pass out on the way over the busy roads…

Now for Mrs. Angrybees 13 week programme, and we’re on 2 minute territory here – in a twist (and encouraged by the sunshine), we headed down onto the beach and ran along the breakers. When I did this in February (I think), I knackered my calves and got numb feet, but it seemed OK this time. Along the beach, 2 min run / 3 min walk and soon we were at the other end of the beach. At that point, we had a bit of a sit down and enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Lovely stuff – also (I forget to mention), J had already had a dip in the sea, so was using the run and sitting in the sun todry off a bit.

After a while, back down the beach, another quick dip for J and then walked back along the pavements properly barefoot – not as perilous as I had initially thought.

Right, that’s the weekend so far, tomorrow is the big day, and depending on the weather I may have a trip up to Kielder to have a look at the reservoir ahead of the marathon there in October.



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