Nearly there… (and The List Pt. 1)

Posted: 04/10/2012 in Barefoot, Event, Journal, Running, Transition

Quick run tonight, just four and a half miles to make sure my legs still work. Sunday is D-Day, the Kielder Marathon, and 26.2 miles of flippin’ ‘eck. My strategy is not a run/walk, more of a run/walk/crawl, and I think on that basis I can make it ’round.

I have to offer massive thanks to anyone who’s sponsored me – I think this is the keystone in the arch of my likelihood of making it to the end. There’s £100 going to Medecins Sans Frontieres on my successful completion of the marathon, and that’s about £4 per mile, so I figure I will keep that in mind as the miles pile up.

Race kit is becoming more of a thought in my head – so far my list stands at:

  • Legwear – to hide the naughty bits, pretty much essential this one, or I risk an early exit on the grounds of getting arrested. The weather looks cool, but not blowy, so I think some capacious shorts will be the way to go. I ran in leggins tonight and they were a bit warm to be honest. My groovy Ron Hill trail shorts are allegedly waterproofish, and as such will avoid what I’ve come to know as the “Blaydon Race soaking tackle debacle” where I was still soaked a couple of hours later when I got home.
  • Upper wear – no chance of sunburn, but I need something to keep the chill off. My spanking-smart Veggie Cycling & Athletic Club vest is a natch, but maybe over a longsleeve. I had my winter top on tonight, and it got a bit warm without much wind, so a careful eye on the weather will be required. I heat up like a sauna once I get going, but the walking/crawling bit might get a bit cool.
  • Footwear – Vivobarefoot Breatho Trails, the choice of minimalist trail running goobers. 3.5mm of rubber between me and the ground, no midsole, no foam, no gel and no drop whatsoever. Some mint knobbles in case it gets muddy. After a few months of transition and no knee pain to speak of this is my best chance to keep on the path.
  • Socks – yup. Taken the footbeds out of the shoes, so this is my sole (ha ha) source of comfort – it’s also to keep tiny bits of debris away from my feet. One of the last times I ran without socks, a tiny sliver of rock cut a lump out of my toe before I noticed it, so this is a precautionary measure worth taking.
  • Bum back – lovely £10 pack from Northern Runner to fit all the other gubbins in.
  • Gels – High-5 since you ask, the thinnest I can find and the only ones I’ve had any luck adapting to. These little nuggets of sugary goodness will keep my from bonking (running out of energy, not having sex in a 1970’s style) part way around.
  • Bodyglide – not sure I’ll need it with the shorts, as they work pretty well, but this stuff will cure the chafe straight off.
  • Waterproof – another bit of Ron Hill goodness, lightweight and water resistant in case of rain.
  • Buff – a bit of a luxury item, but I can wear it on my head, I can put it round my neck, I can wear it like a scary scarf. It’s got skulls on it, so why not?
  • Waterbottle – the lovely MSF waterbottle with it’s grand hand hold – the lovely folk at MSF sent this when they heard I’d signed on for another ridiculous outing. Some isotonic drink tablets too, perhaps, as there’s water stations, but the isotonic / electrolyte drinks they’re using aren’t ones I’ve tried before.

That’s all I can think of for now – clearly I have more packing loveliness to do, and may have more nuggets of reasoning to offer  once I get there.

If you’re still thinking “I’d like to sponsor him”, you can get there from the “Sponsor Me” link above – it’s very safe, the Mafia won’t get your card number, the Moonies won’t come calling.

  1. I really fancy a packet of mint nibbles now.

    Very very very best of luck for Sunday. Hope you enjoy every step 🙂

  2. thebriars says:

    Big luck Da-P! looks like you have done all the prep and got all but the kitchen sink in your bumbag (do add two neurophen; these got me through my marathon very nicely). We look forward to the report!

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