Post marathon jaunt

Posted: 15/10/2012 in Uncategorized

Just over week ago I was lining up to run the Kielder Marathon – on Sunday I went out for my first post-marathon run. Toes are feeling a lot better, and I’ve been developing a bad back during the week, and I know that a quick trot out will do it the world of good.

Bit nippy, I thought, so I went for the wintry combination of leggings, a vest and a More Mile longsleeve over the top – bought that back in the mists of summer, when it was unexpectedly cold on a trip to town. The didn’t have XL, so I optimistically went to L, on the theory that I would grow down into it. At the time it was, perhaps, a little on the tight side. This morning it was snug, not tight. Bonus!

To get a bit of a jog in, but not to overdo it, I headed up to the lighthouse – which I now know is called “Bait Island”, information from Allan England who seems to know rather a lot about the venue… wonder if he’s got shares in it?

Taking it easy turned out to be a steady 10 minute mile – that’s a decent pace – and I managed to plod along quite merrily, all the various parts doing their thing. I’ve had a bit of a bad back the last week, due to some inadvised sawing of old doors for the fire. A good run seems to sort out a lot of that kind of thing, so it was good that it wasn’t hurting any as I went.

I’m not sure whether it was the week off or the aftereffects of the marathon, but I felt a good bit more on form that usual – perhaps my legs have got the hint that the running isn’t going to stop any time soon?

Next on the agenda is a slow start to The Wall next June – two 35 mile runs, back to back over two days. A marathon nearly finished me off a week ago, so I figure there’s a way to go – need to get myself used to running on the next day, as I’ve pretty much always had a day in between.


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