Things that make you go YIPPEE!

Posted: 23/11/2012 in Uncategorized

The word is out, the announcement is made – entries for the 2013 North Tyneside 10k are open!

The first proper race I ran was the North Tyneside 10k earlier this year, so the idea that it’s coming ’round again is a bit of a first and very exciting.

With that nugget of fabulousness revealed, I quickly filled in a form and took it over the road to hand in my £15 to secure a place. Expecting a queue, I’d taken a Kit-Kat* to keep me company while I waited, but to my surprise I was the first and only person in the queue**. I patiently didn’t wait until I got to the front of the line and handed over my pennies.

Turns out I was the first person to enter. Jokingly, I asked if that meant I would get number one, only to be told that they keep the first 30 for the elite athletes. Bemused, I explained that I got number 14 last year***, and then it happened.

Without a giggle, without a guffaw, without even a chuckle, the man asked me the following question:

“Are you an elite athlete?”

I could have died happy at that point, feeling that I’d made my mark on the world and achieved my best.

I went back to work, happy in the knowledge that I’ve gone from “what, you, a runner” to “are you an elite athlete” in only one year. Get me.

If you’ve read the notes below, you may well have figured out that I will likely end up with number 31 this year, but we’ll have to see. Maybe I am an elite athlete, but I just haven’t realised yet – I think it’s unlikely, but following last week’s one-minute-and-a-bit improvement on my Parkrun time it could be true.

Perhaps I should start to design my signature move, to rival the Mo-Bot and Usain’s bolt move. I think Jazz Hands would have to be involved somewhere along the line.

* Other queue-induced boredom-fighting snacks are available

** So, technically it wasn’t a queue at all – one man does not a queue make, as the bible tells us.

*** On reflection, I actually got number 36, but that’s not the point…

  1. Jay says:

    Looking forward to the MoJazzBolt

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