The Inaugural Meeting of the Lunchtime-Running Club

Posted: 12/12/2012 in Event, Lunchtime Running Club, Running

Today, as it turned out was a good day.

I managed to convince a couple of hardy souls from work to run the North Tyneside 10k next year. Craig, who shares my surname, and George, who started running about the same time as me, and has similarly stuck with it, though she’s supplemented running with boot-camp sessions just for that extra hard-core action.

Craig suggested we should all go running on a lunch time to train towards the 10k in March, and as last week wasn’t a great time diary-wise we decided to try and get out this lunch time. Why not, an extra bit of running is nothing to turn down, is it, and goodness knows I’m always up for an extra bit of exercise. Having taken a look at the font-of-all-knowledge that is Google Maps, and found a cheeky little 3 mile route around the Waggonways, the old train tracks that have been converted to trails in the borough.

The weather didn’t look too grand, bit of rain, spot of hail and a touch of freezing fog, but running cocks a snook at the concept of weather*, puts on it’s shoes and gets wet, possibly a bit bronchial. And that’s what we did, meeting up at the front door of the office and slinking out into the chill. My GPS wasn’t feeling like playing, and George’s iPhone had picked up a signal, so off we went***.

It turned out that the ice had hidden and was still there in force, a touch of whoop-whoosh-yikes and we picked our way along the path. We managed to keep it together, picking our way through the frozen puddles. The Waggonways have a nice flat rocky surface, more forgiving than concrete or asphalt, and nice underfoot.

By this point, we’d run to the first turn, and were heading up the long spur to take us up to Backworth.

And that was where it went wrong.

I didn’t know how we missed a turn, or where the turn was at**** but we arrived at a road that looked like we were in the wrong place. So, we crossed the road, ran up the track and found a turn back around – back up to the road and off we went, seemingly back on track*****. Along the road, back onto a track along the back of some new houses and we’re back onto the Cobalt estate and along to work.

Given my GPS had decided not to lock onto a signal, it was up to George to provide the numbers – turns out we’d done just over 3 miles at a 9 minute mile pace. That’s a wee bit faster than I usually run, and explained why I was feeling a bit pooped.

Quick shower, back to work and that was that – roll on next Wednesday and outing umber two. 🙂

*Well, I say that, sometimes running goes “crikey, that’s cold/wet/slippy/too hot** and stays indoors.

**For the record, I don’t think I’ve ever turned down a run because it too hot – I live in Britain for goodness sake, that just never happens.

*** Well, OK, I had a half cigarette before, which caused a touch of hilarity, but I reckon I’m quitting soon again, so that’s no problem.

**** That’s because we actually went the right way, I’m just a bit rubbish at urban navigation… I think it comes from being used to only needing to avoid running into the sea in order to have a “route”.

*****Basically because we’d actually been on-track. Like I say, my navigation leaves a little to be desired…

  1. discodroid says:

    nice work. I’ve found lunchtime running is really helping me keep running this winter (early days I realise) as It means I can run my plan without having to worry about weekday runs clashing with my wife’s shift patterns and family life etc. It’s even nicer to do it with company. I do miss heading out in the dark with my headtorch etc……but not enough! lol :0)

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