First barefoot of the season

Posted: 05/01/2013 in Barefoot, Runmeter

Off to the beach today for a quick scamper – missed the parkrun this morning, so I was up for a jaunt. As it’s been warm the last couple of days, I took the opportunity to throw on some shorts in silent homage to Mr England who I had the pleasure of running with on Tuesday gone. He strode out manfully in shorts despite the chilling gale blowing, so I felt I should give it a shot with the milder clime today.


I’ll be honest, it felt pretty good, the wind whistling ’round my knees, all free and able to waft in the breeze. So, I ran down the beach a bit, and discovered there was a fair bit of run-off from the beach back into the sea – so much, in fact that I ended up running through a deeper-that-expected rivulet and came out with dipped feet, shoes and socks. Hmm, might as well take them off, eh? Spot of the ol’ barefoot sounds good.

Shoes off, socks off, plinky-plinky-plink I ran down the beach, through the rivulets and the more river-like bits. Totally having a blast. Reached the end of the beach, tried to take a photo of the crackers little wader birds, but someone’s dog scared them off. Instead, a hasty photo of my feets, and a picture of the lovely sun shining along the beach – see the top of the post. Twitter message from Mr Ritchie. Really liking Runmeter’s Twitter/facebook connection that means people can drop you messages.


Back down to the start, ran the prom barefoot and then up the road home. Job’s a good’un.

  1. Thank you for the mention & what nice feet you have! ;o) I saw those birds u mentioned, there were loads at cullercoats bay too! I bet it felt ace running in the sand! Look forward to Tuesdays session!

  2. dja75 says:

    Amazing sky photo David, I still haven’t done any barefoot running, though I would like to give it a shot

    • Thanks David!

      I first tried running on the beach without shoes in February last year, and could barely walk for the next few days – that additional bit of drop in the heel really makes a difference. Saying which, it turned out to be the beginning of my transition to barefoot shoes, and I’ve never looked back, no niggling injuries since then.

      Reckon I’m going to try to get to the Northumbria Barefoot Running Group when it gets underway again.

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