Second Inaugural Meeting of the Lunchtime Running Club

Posted: 09/01/2013 in Lunchtime Running Club, Runmeter, Running

Yes, it’s come around again – we got past Christmas, we broke into the New Year, and today was the second meeting of the Lunchtime Running Club. Huzzah!

The good news is that we’ve doubled our membership in only one session – there were four of us today, and as we milled around like brightly coloured mannequins in the lobby, I was surprised by just how darn athletic we look. Oh yes.

Then it was out the door, and into the mildy cold weather – not too bad, I wasn’t feeling chilly despite having stuck with shorts since Saturday’s run and opting for a thin longsleeve and gillet combination to fight off the winter.

Off, along the Waggonways that criss-cross the borough, heading up toward Shiremoor, and the four of us, George, Neil, Craig and myself organised ourselves into a square of running majesty as we swept along. Well, maybe not quite, more like getting used to running with each other and finding a suitable pace, but it all worked out really well, and within a few minutes we were a square of running majesty, sweeping along.

Up to Shiremoor, across the main road and a bit further down. It was the same path as the last club meeting, so I knew we were going the right way. The one bit where I’d hoped we could cut over the Metro line was gated off, probably the safest thing to do, so we headed off the same way up the path that runs parallel.

Neil made a bid for stardom by cutting into the inside corner on the other side of the road, oblivious to the fact we were about to turn away from him on the apex. We took pity and told him before turning, after all, it’s not a competition, right?

Back behind the new houses, everyone was doing good, cut over the road and back to the office. Fantastic.

In total, 3 miles, 28:19 time for a pace of 9:24/mile. Not too bad for a sneaky lunchtime run. Quickly into the shower and off for a post-lunchtime meeting.

Think at some point we might have a trip down to the Fish Quay and try the North Tyneside 10k route – well, it’s nicer scenery for one thing…

That’ll be another run in the bank for the 1,000 Mile challenge. Think I’m off to a decent start, need to hit around 20 miles a week, got 20 last week, another 8 so far this week, running with Jon tomorrow lunchtime and planning a longer run at the weekend.

Reckon this is going to be pretty good… šŸ™‚

  1. dja75 says:

    Sounds good David, is it a local running club meetup or just work mates? I tried running with Claremont, they are a friendly bunch

  2. Just some grand folk from work who’re up for the NT 10k. Thought about clubs, but wondered if they’d be a bit snarky, what with being 2nd claim and all that. Did think about joining Northumberland Fell Runners, but never quite got around to it.

    You thinking about doing any more of the XC league races? Am I right in thinking they need a team of 3 from a club? Might be up for it if the dates fell right – mind, I’d pretty much guarantee we’d have a poor overall performance… šŸ™‚

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