Third Inaugural Meeting of the Lunchtime Running Club

Posted: 16/01/2013 in Lunchtime Running Club, Uncategorized

It was a crisp and wintry lunchtime, and the hardy members of the Lunchtime Running Club headed out into the only mildly lethally slippy ice. The weather was sunny, cold, but there was hardly a breath of breeze.

Not folk to be put off by a bit of snow, we headed out onto the Waggonways, intending to follow the same route as in previous weeks. It turned out that the packed and rutted snow was OK to run on, a slip here and a slip there, but otherwise pretty good. As we got up to Shiremoor and the the turnaround, I figured it would be good to go a bit further – further is better, right? So, on a little bit and under the bypass and into the fields. This is more like it, countryside, snow, horses and trails.

As it turned out that none of us had much of an idea where the paths went, we took vaguely random turns, and ended up, via a lovely set of undulating trails at Earsdon. There are a few ways to get back, but they’re all along the road, so we headed onto a promising looking track. Sure enough, it took us up to the road and back along to the bridge. Back down the Waggonway and to work.

Sounds simple? Well, it was 4.8 miles of fun, a bit slippy, a bit slidey, a bit damp and a fair amount of mud. Came back with one brown foot after a bit of a surprise puddle discovery. A grand bit of company, a new track and a bit of a longer run. That’s more than 2/3 of the 10k, and as such I think qualifies all of us to make it ’round. Once you’ve got 1.4 miles to go you can see the Lighthouse, so I reckon that’ll be enough to keep you going.

It’s interesting the topics you come across while out running – who’s your favourite James Bond, what’s your favourite film, is that a massive puddle over there, can we look at the horses, does anyone know where this path goes?* They’re not the questions that spring to mind when I’m running on my own, and I’m finding that I like running with other people for a bit of a change.  I had a mint time with Allan last night, running around Beaconsfield, slowly turning the hills to mud, and I love running with him on his “Beginning to Run” programme – it’s quite an honour to be part of it.

Reckon I might take my gear back to work tomorrow – it was good fun today, and I could fancy another go on them trails… 🙂

*Sean Connery, Doctor Strangelove, yes – it is (splosh), no you can’t and no-one has a clue.


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