More ice, please

Posted: 17/01/2013 in Running

After yesterday’s joyous plod around the trails of North Tyneside, I was ready for more. In fact, I was so ready that I took my running gear back to work and carved out a bit of lunch time to get out for a quick five miles.

Jon very gallantry lent me his YakTrax, as I’d left mine at home – if you’ve not come across them before, they’re a stretchy rubber mesh that fits over the bottom of your shoe, with springs wrapped around the rubber – the springs are sideways on to the ground, and when you step on the ice they dig in, stopping you from sliding. I hope they didn’t initially try them lengthways on, or there would have been some YakTrax tester trampolining down the path.. I’ve got the regular version, but Jon’s are the sportier ones with a velcro fastening across the top of your foot to stop accidental jettisoning. Very nice they were too, though it was interesting to note that even these slight bits of rubber and spring massively cut down on the sensation coming up from the path as I ran.

From the office, I ran onto the Waggonways – up the track and across the road at Shiremoor – a bit further up the path and under the bypass and TWANG! the landscape opens up in front of you. It’s just ridiculously refreshing when you see open skies, wide vistas and a bit of countryside. Like this:

Earsdon Snow

Just bloomin’ marvellous.

There are three trails heading off from here – Jon has cycled some of them and and says there’s some fine routes to be had. For now though I was heading back the same way as yesterday, up to Earsdon and then back to the office. The snow was less soft, more icy and there were fewer muddy puddles – guess that’s what you get for a sub-zero evening the night before. Crunch, crunch, crunch, I could have been advertising Crunchies. Hey, if Crunchy are looking for people to advertise them, I could help out. I also like Crunchies, so I’m the perfect Crunchy-advertising package.

When I’m out in the countryside, I like to pretend in my head that I’m running an ultra-marathon – I like to believe that this is part of my training plan for …erm… running ultra-marathons. Well, it’s 80% in the mind, they say… it’s fun, but sometimes leads to a Forrest Gump “I could just keep going a bit longer” moment. I’ve never run across America as a result of one of these moments as yet, but I suspect I’m working my way up to it.

As part of my run, I tried out a new GPS app for the phone – I’ve got about eight different free running apps loaded on the phone, and I’m planning to review them and hopefully crown one king. It was not the most successful attempt at a new app that I’ve ever had, but I’ll save all the excitement for when I get around to writing a mini-review. Reckon it’s only fair to give it a few goes before writing anything about it.

Rock on runners!

  1. Allan says:

    Good man! “a quick 5 miles” inspirational & aspirational!

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