Snow Run!

Posted: 18/01/2013 in Running

You may not have noticed, but it snowed a bit today.

So I went for a run.

This, in my head, makes perfect sense.

It was dark, snowy and cold, so I wrapped up in waterproof troosers, waterproof jacket, peaked cap (the specs!) and a Buff over my delicate little face, so I looked like a sporty bandito with a penchant for lycra.

The snow joyfully came down – and with thoughts of illustration I whipped out my phone and shot a quick video of the War Memorial, doing it’s best to look like the Gates To The Underworld…

A little bit of video.

As you can see, it was a little on the weathery side.

There was about 3cm (so just over an inch) of snow out there, and it was great fun whishing along in my Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail shoes. I followed the Parkrun route, in the hope that I could report back and it would go ahead tomorrow – unfortunately it got cancelled, but I can understand why – if you can’t walk there you wouldn’t make it, and you’d need to be well wrapped up.

One interesting thing about Buffs that I discovered – they are great, but they do hold onto the moisture a little – by the time I was done, it was soaked, and the lack of breathability meant that every time I breathed out it expanded like I was some kind of bullfrog. Wonder if there’s some kind of work-around, I really like my Buff and find it madly useful for most things.

I tried out the Strava running app today – second of my freebie running apps, and it worked fairly well – the actual review will follow once I’ve given it a good try out.

On the way back, I passed another runner, I think we were both surprised to see another mad person out on a snowy night.

Got home made tea, now sitting here and wondering if I should venture out again later, or wait until the morning…. decisions, decisions.


  1. thebriars says:

    Ha – love running in extreme weather snow, rain, sun – all adds to the challenge! I was out in snow today too sporting a pair of skiing goggles – not that I was that fast but the snow was coming at me horizontally and I couldn’t see a thing. 3 very enjoyable miles and oddly not far off my usual pace. I obviously run too slowly in good conditions…

  2. I was a bit slower than normal, but that was because I was trying to take pictures, and the constant Buff-adjustment.

    Very Hoth-y, if there were a dead snow-beast, I’d probably have cut it open and crawled inside it to keep warm too.

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