Slush Day!

Posted: 19/01/2013 in Uncategorized

Yes, it snowed yesterday, and I got out in the evening. Very nice.

This morning, the Whitley Bay Parkrun was cancelled, so I figured I might have a jaunt up the coast. I’ll be honest, looking out the front window, the ground looked icy, slushy, and a lot less fun than the fluffy flurrys of snow last night.  But, a run’s a run, and I’m taking part in Marathon Talk’s Jantastic challenge and need to fit in at least three runs a week. That’s not so difficult so far, but given the excitable weather I probably shouldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I don’t often set out a gear list, mainly because there’s usually not a lot of it, and also because it would become samey very quickly. However, today I headed out the door with:

  • 2XU Peaked cap – white
  • Original Buff (over my neck, pulled up over the back of my hat and over my chin to keep the chill out
  • Karrimor long sleeve base layer – no idea what it’s called, but it does the job
  • More Mile Alaska thermal top – mmm, toasty!
  • More Mile Montreal thermal tights – mmm, also toasty!
  • More Mile London socks – they’re socks!
  • Ronhill Trail Microlight waterproof jacket
  • Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail shoes – in black/yellow, like foot shaped bumble-bees of goodness!
  • OMM Last Drop 10l pack – with about 1l water in the reservoir, also with my YakTrax just in case.

The last item, my OMM pack was a bit of a last minute decision – I don’t usually carry water unless it’s hot or I’m going a long way, but I’m trying to run with a pack every now and then, as I think that’s the way I’ll go for The Wall – used to be a 100% bum bag user, but the Last Drop has changed my mind a bit since I lucked out and got it to fit perfectly. Also, since I went of hand holding water bottles, a reservoir works OK – not sure I’d want to try and refill it part way through a run, but I’ll sort that when I get to it.

So, dressed to impress and ready to go out. Open the door, start up Strava and off I head. The road seemed fine, if a bit slushy, so I left the YakTrax in the bag and headed to the coast.

The paths here were slushy to say the least, so I headed down onto the beach – no slush there, though the tide had just turned and there was only a metre or so between the high extent of the waves and the concrete wall of the prom. Some bits are a little lower than others, so I had to sprint the occasional bit to get through while it wasn’t inundated. I almost timed it right, too…

Thenclamber over the rocks where the tide was coming in a bit further where the prom ends. The rocks were a bit slippy, but walkable, but I reckon my pace suffered a little bit. Up onto the mini-golf course above, and it was properly waterlogged. Now the trail – Whoa! How much slush? The whole trail was ankle deep in slushy-puddle-ice or something like that. I passed by another runner coming the other way, and knew I was onto a good thing when he told me it was “absolutely atrocious” further on. I mean, I already had wet, freezing feet, so it wasn’t like it was going to get any worse, right?

Onto the second trail up to Seaton Sluice – a few hardy dog walkers, a grey sky and some dark and menacing mega-waves. It was grand.

Ran to the far end of the Sluice, then back the way I’d come. I was just coming back around the headland when the hail started, the consistency of ice, the speed of rain – like tiny needles. I pulled the Buff over the side my cap in the hope it would hold it off a little more. Kind of did… It was hard going with the wind holding me back, the cold and the driving sleet.

Back along the trail, back along the beach and back home. Legs like lead by now. I wouldn’t normally be this bothered at 7 miles, but the going was tough. Good training for something, I’m sure. Nice cup of tea and there you go.

Would like to do it all again… 🙂

Not sure the Ronhill is up for the more serious weather – need to investigate something a little more robust for the winter hills…

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