Never go running in a snowstorm*

Posted: 04/02/2013 in Journal, Running

*Unless you really want to, then it’s fine. Apparently.

I fancied a bit of a run tonight. I’ve been taking part in Marathon Talk’s Jantastic challenge; in January that was to choose a number of runs per week. I chose three, and mostly ran four. Fair play. February is a number of runs and a long run mileage. I went for three again, and a ramp up of 12/13/14/15 miles over the four weeks.

So this week was 12 miles.

I headed off, not sure where I was going to go of what route might get me there. Off to Tynemouth first, then inland. Cut across and back towards the coast, cut across a bit further back and I realised I was tracing a path someone like the monster in the old video game Centipede. Did I mention the snow? It was snowing, well, it was blowing a gale with icy drops of pin-sharp …ice… speeding towards me. Not nice. Well, not that bad, in fact it was kind of fun, though cold, icy, sharp fun. It was tough going, and at mile ten I felt a bit done in, I could have done with a cuddle and a mug of cocoa. Still, on I plodded, brave soldier that I am.

Thirteen and a half miles later, I finished. I felt pretty good by this point – not sure I’d have wanted to do it all again to make a marathon, but not bad considering.

So, that’s the first week of Febulous done miles-wise, just another couple of runs to finish off. It’s also Strava’s February half-marathon challenge done (using Strava to record my runs at the moment as part of my test-out-the-free-apps megatest), so that’s two birds, one stone.

In other news, I was successful getting a spot in the Blaydon Race this year, so HURRAH! Really enjoyed it last year, and hopefully it will be less like running through a shower for 10k this year.

I decided pretty early on that tonight’s attempt would not form an official Occasional Half Marathon course – it’s just not very exciting, and if it hadn’t been for the snow and the wet feet I could have easily got bored.

Actually, while we’re on the subject, what’s your view on running and wet feet? I tend to be a staunch let-em-get-wet-they’ll-dry-out type of runner, but more and more people seem to be favouring the SealSkinz (not made from real seals, in case you were worried) waterproof-but-breathable socks.

  1. Allan says:

    13.5 miles! Legendary!! Love my seal skinz! Slow progress with my ankle longing to get back out there!

  2. Think you kicked off the whole Seal Skinz discussion, Allan. A few other folk have mentioned them recently, though one person did suggest it worked as well to stick your feet in sandwich bags… 🙂

    I can see they would work well on a bike, where you’re up off the puddles, just not convinced on their abilities after a good dunking – what I need is for the good folk at Seal Skinz to send me a pair to review…

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