Has anyone seen Dene?

Posted: 12/02/2013 in Barefoot, Occasional Half Marathon, Running

Jantastic – I’m loving it! Run by Marathon Talk, it started simply enough in January, with a challenge to set a number of runs each week of the month. Having a lot on, I went for the easiest option of 3 per week, and actually ran 5 on average. I’m taking part in a team of other Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club members, and it makes for a bit of fun and camaraderie.

Febulous is up now, with a number of runs per week, I went for 3 again, and a long run distance – I went for 12/13/14/15 over the four weeks. Last week I ran a half marathon, ticking the 12 mile box. This week was 13 miles.

Last week, I had an ace run home with Jon, my Wall partner. This week we aimed for something a little more adventurous – up through the Waggonways to get to Holywell Dene. I haven’t been through there in the day before, but at night it was amazing – head torches on and the tunnel vision that comes from only being able to see a handful of feet ahead. It feels faster, too, as bits of trail jump out at you from the shadows. A touch eerie too – rustlings in the trees. Looking at my GPS after, there appears to have been another runner with us at some points – could he have been leaping through the trees, “House of FLying Daggers” stylee?

So, through the Dene, which was a rare treat, and all the better for good company, then eventually out at Seaton Sluice. Around the two headland trails to bring us back to the top of Whitley Bay. North Shields Poly AC were holding an event, not sure what, but there were a metric tonne of runners around.

I waved farewell to Mr Ritchie at the Dome, and then plodded an extra three miles to get up to the 13 mile target.

Quite simply one of the best runs I’ve had in a good while, and considering I spent the weekend with dodgy guts that persisted into today, that’s quite a statement.

Next week s 14 miles, and Mr R is up for the full banana. Result!

With a touch of a tweak, this is so the next Occasional Half Marathon. Just watch…


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