Moments in Veganism – #1: Dairy Free

Posted: 16/02/2013 in Food, Vegan
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Since I took the plunge to be vegan, I’ve been doing OK. Not 100%, I reckon, but as far as I am able I’m not having anything that came out of an animal.  I think it’s a percentages game now, the last bits are the things that hide dairy produce in them and hope you won’t notice. I’ll get there.

I got very confused in Sainsbury this morning – I’ve been buying stuff from their “free from” shelves, which has mostly worked very well. I know it’s mainly a gluten-free thing, but the veganaise and so on is also hiding in there. In fact, I tend to have a bit of a browse at the exciting things. There’s a vegan, gluten free crumble mix in my cupboard right now, and I nearly bought some vegan, gluten free caramel shortbreads (but remembered at the last moment that vegan and gluten free does not equal calorie free).

So I was looking at free-from pitta breads to go with the soup I’m making for lunch, a cursory glance at the ingredients, as it said it was dairy free on the label. The, whoa! Stop the horse! Dried egg white? What’s that doing in there? I’ve never seen a recipe for pitta bread that includes egg white before, so I was a bit astounded.

Put the item back on the shelf, went to look at the wholemeal pitta in the bakery. No dried egg white? How’s that work? In fact, no dairy, the only offending item in there was normal flour (if you were looking for gluten free, that is, it’s still vegan) and a label that says vegan-friendly.

So I bought the regular wholemeal pitta as is was more vegan than the free from one…

I thought eggs were classed as dairy, and Mrs. Bees agrees – is that not the case? Clearly a bit of a grey area…

Just goes to show, eh?



  1. Farmyardy but not made from mammal milk so I guess eggs could be viewed as non-dairy. Honey will be another one for you to avoid. And stay well away from Quorn, not even free-range egg white, last time I checked

  2. Good advice, and clocked the Quorn dimension in the supermarket at the weekend. Yup also to honey, that nearly got me into trouble with some Sugar Puff type things. Current bugbear is that all dark chocolate has a vague milk-releated warning on it, but in most cases I think it’s a “made on the same conveyor as” affair, rather than it being in the ingredients. It’s a lot more complicated than being vegetarian…

  3. I know this is 3 years late, eggs are classed as animal by-product. Items in the free from section will have egg free on the label for egg allergy sufferers.

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