Announcement – Madness Starts Here

Posted: 21/02/2013 in Event, Running, The Wall

Not strictly true, as the madness started about August last year, but it’s only come to a head recently. In order to help us all to understand, I’ve copied my newly-updated “Sponsor Me” page below. It goes a little something like this:

Last year, I ran the Kielder Marathon, and some of you lovely folk sponsored me. That was ace. I felt good, you felt good, we all had a great time, right?

I think we can all agree it’s about time to do it again, but let’s be honest, I’ve done a marathon – none of us would be surprised if I could drag myself around 26.2 miles again, would we? I know I’d be less staggered than I was when I completed Kielder. Mind, I was a bit shocked to discover I hadn’t died on the way round or got lost in a bush near the start.

So, it’d better be something a little more …erm… adventurous, don’t you think?

Let me unveil The Wall.

The Wall is a 69 mile run, from Carlisle Castle to Newcastle. That’s one side of the country to the other. That’s also Hadrian’s Wall, and he knew a thing or two about building walls, did ol’ Hadrian. This one’s still up after 2,000 years (or so), which is pretty good going.

I’m going to run it. In two days. With my fab running-buddy Jon. In June. With my actual feet (assuming they stay on until the end).

I nearly referred to Jon as my “staggering running-buddy” there, but that would have made him sound like he lurched along the path, which is not the case. He’s like a gazelle in a Buff, a zephyr in leggings, a … well, you get the idea – he’s clearly a good bit faster than what I am. But I like to think I may be more bloody-minded than him, which I think might pay off on the tricky bits, or when my toes start falling off, as I’m pretty sure they will.

I’m doing it all for Medecins Sans Frontieres, the same outrageously lovely charity I ran the Kielder Marathon for, simply because they’re no less amazingly beautiful a charity than they were then. They just can’t stop doing Good Things, though I’m not sure they’re even trying to stop now I come to think of it – I suspect they may be doing Good Things on purpose, the wee pixies that they are.

Should you wish to send a quid my (their) way, you can find my tin-rattling page at:

Together, Jon and I make up The Dashing Accountants, and our collective team page is here where you can choose to donate to both of us, one after another, doubling up your feeling of a job well done, and earning an extra warm glow.

If, on the other hand, you think running 69 miles is fun, then you can find out about The Wall here come join in!

See what I mean? The Madness Continues Here, But In A More Visible Manner should have been the actual title, but I only realised that when I got to the end here and realised what I’d written on the “Sponsor Me” page a moment ago…

  1. I watched the video. It looks fantastic. I know it will be grueling and at times you’ll wonder why the hell you signed up for such insanity, but it looks awesome.
    Are you doing it in 1 day or 2? I think if I slept on the ground after running all day I wouldn’t be able to move the next day.
    I did book mark their web site for future reference.

  2. […] good friend over at Pursued by Angry Bees is running a 69 mile ultra race this weekend.(It’s actually all ready the weekend in England, […]

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