Two go mad in Northumberland

Posted: 04/03/2013 in Laughingly Called Training, Running, The Wall
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Yes, it’s Marchvellous, which means longer long runs. It’s also Wall-training season, which means …um… longer long runs. With that in mind, what else were Jon and I going to do on our long run this evening, but push back the boundaries of sanity. Not that they can’t be pushed back a good distance further yet, I reckon, I mean, the Wall is two 35 mile days back to back, so a single long run just isn’t getting towards the waiting room for approaching the boundaries of sanity.

Marathon Talk’s Marchvellous tells me that this week should be 16 miles. I say that like it’s received on tablets of stone from the great Scott Jurek in the sky. Clearly, however, I typed those very numbers in myself less than a week ago, so you could argue I’m getting exactly what I’m asking for. You’d be dead right too. Mind, that’s asking for as in a groovy Christmas present, so everyone’s cool with that, right?

The Wall looms large, June seems to be only around the temporal corner, and I’m reading tales of 20 mile runs, 100 mile weeks, and Lord-help-us-all interval training from some of the other stalwarts. So, it seems that upping the mileage, upping the frequency and upping the game are all good ideas. Jon met someone who’d done a fartlek – I can only hope they’d opened the windows afterwards.

So, in short order, what does 16 miles read like? Here we go…

Leave work -> that’s cold, maybe vest and shorty shorts were a bad idea -> we’re off! -> up along the Waggonways -> whoa, detour – you say this leads to the tip? -> claggy!* -> nice clouds -> what’s that rabbit hole in the middle of the path? -> so this is Seghill, eh? -> so this is us leaving Seghill, eh? -> bit of a back lane this, bet someone will drive their car along it too fast -> nope, well there’s a plot device wasted -> more claggy than the last bit! -> nice bit of muddy path this -> it goes on for a while -> hey, look, trees! A boulevard! -> whoa, climb over that one that’s come down, walk round that one that’s come down – this is fun, if not a bit dangerous with a half power headtorch -> no, it really does go on for a while -> you see them lights, that’s Blyth, that is -> past me Aunty’s back garden (honest) -> past the ice cream shop (shame) -> look, other runners! Wonder if that’s Blyth Harriers, then? -> this coast road goes on for blooming’ ever -> ah, Seaton Sluice then -> back into the Dene, or along the coast? -> I’m voting for headlands -> through Seaton Sluice -> round the headland -> down to the Links at Whitley y -> this is the last bit, but is sure takes a bit of work -> goodnight Jon -> still a mile to go -> feck, still half a mile to go -> round the lower prom -> done! -> can I collapse now please?

See what I mean, it was eventful. It was also a bit nippy – my hands and forearms were more than a bit cold, my elbows ached and my forearms tightened up. Why? Well it was cold, but no idea about the forearm thing – they’re still sore now. Somewhere in the middle of that, we crossed from friendly North Tyneside into the big unknown that is Northumberland. We got back OK, just thought it was worth mentioning.

Anyhow, got in the house, took a photo for Ashmei’s RunCommute competition (check it out if you haven’t seen it) and think I looked relatively OK all things considering that it’s the longest I’ve ever run other than the Kielder Marathon last year. Of course, all my long runs from here in will likely be the longest I’ve ever run other than the Kielder Marathon, until I reach my first 27 mile long run, at which point it’s be the longest ever, ever that I’ve run.

DA RunCommute


Even the cat was pleased to see me – though I think he just wanted feeding. I may still not be a lean-mean racing snake, but there’s a good deal less of me than when I started this back in the mists of November 2011. About three stone less to be honest. Which I don’t miss.

Right, stopped shivering now, eaten some truly disgusting vegetable sausages (like they were made out of vegetables – even for a vegetarian/trainee vegan that’s just not on, but they were sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten or thrown, and I wasn’t about to throw food out) and now off to collapse in bed and dream of running in the warmer weather.

Incidentally, slightly worried about the possibility of nip trouble on the longer run, I went looking for my vaseline, purchased mid run to the Pedestrian Tunnel, Couldn’t find it and so went to get more, only to discover the handy little tins are actually lip balm. I’m not saying it would do your nips any harm to use it, but I am now the proud possessor of a small tub of some actual vaseline. Not sure raspberry flavour nips would ever help you in a race situation, and not sure I want to know if there is an example where they would.

Peace out.

*For those of you not from t’north or the UK, or perhaps Earth, that means muddy, just in a more down to earth way.


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