16 miles of fun / North Tyneside 10k

Posted: 31/03/2013 in Event, Running

How lucky are you? This is a two-for-one post, covering my long run and my first proper run of the year. Twice as much fun, twice as much running and at least 40% more tale-telling. 

First up, my long run – and it wasn’t amazing in itself – 16 miles, when I should have been running twenty, so something of an anti-climax. I was stopped from getting to my total by the simple act of my having purchased a house. Not in a I-was-running-past-and-inadvertantly-purchased-a-lovely-bungalow kind of way, more that the house purchase I’ve been waiting for finally went through, my phone went off as the solicitor called and I needed to head home and sort things out.

As I’ve been mid-move for the best part of a week, I’m currently dossing down in a lovely Quayside apartment. Tough, I know. On the plus side, I got to run from the Quayside to the Angel of the North, down to the Metro Centre and along Scotswood Road back to Newcastle. In fact, it was on the last leg along Scotswood Road that I got the call.

IMG_0594That’ll be me at the actual Angel. I’ve included this version, rather than the “squishing it’s head” version, as I’m not sure everyone has fond memories of watching Kids in the Hall.

Sixteen miles was pretty good, I could have done the full twenty I reckon, though we’ll never know. Saying which, next week is 22, so perhaps we will.

So, next the North Tyneside 10k – the first race I did last year, and therefore a bit of a significant milestone to be able to do it again. I ran it in 58 minutes last year.

Not quite so warm this year, but still pretty nice – no strong wind. There were a few folk from work doing it too – the Lunchtime Running Club: Craig, George and Neil, as well as some of the folk from Finance.

A good start, just made it out from the toilet queue as the crowds were lining up, and off went the horn. I spent the time through North Shields skipping through the other runners. I expected that would get me to a decent pocket with a group going at my speed, but I spent most of the race passing a few folk – only really stopped overtaking in the last half mile or so. Not that I was trying to run fast – I had no idea what time I might be on for, my fastest 10k is logged at about 55 minutes, I think, and I’d hopefully entered 50 minutes as my time on Marathon Talk’s Jantastic challenge.

I started the run with Craig and George, but skipped off through the crowd – I came up on Heather, the fantastic Whitley Bay Parkrun organiser at the bottom of Borough Road, now I’m not a Whitley Bay Parkrun resident it was nice to bump into her –  I found Neil along the prom at Tynemouth and thought he’d overtake me soon after I passed him – he didn’t, but I think he had a knackered hamstring, which would explain that.

Along the Links, and up to the finish – feeling surprisingly frosty – stopped my watch at 47:40, which was more than a little surprising. Also, not so good in terms of Jantastic, which penalises you for distance away from target time. However, very happy with a new PB.

Goody bag with a nice t-short and some frankly staggering Union Jack running socks.

Spent the afternoon stripping, but that would be a different story… 🙂



  1. Congrats on the new house and the 10K.

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