A traipse around the ol’ manor

Posted: 05/04/2013 in Injury, Running

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new place while running, the thrill of discovery and the different views – even if you’ve driven the same route, there’s something about running it that puts you in the picture. I think Robert M Persig says something similar about motorcycling as opposed to driving in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but I’m not about to go looking for it right now, so you don’t need to get excited about quotations.

What I discovered is that what’s even better, is going somewhere you already know very well, but haven’t run.

I grew up in a little town in Durham, and used to walk to school when I was wee. I also used to cycle about a bit in my slightly older days. I’ve been staying with my mum for a few days while the new house gets made habitable, and I took the opportunity to have a jaunt out last night. I covered all the key landmarks, the little row shops where we used to buy fish and chips, newspapers and where there was a greengrocer and post office. Up the hill towards the moors where I used to cycle with my brother. Cut down to the dual carriageway, a key part of the one time I cycled all the way to Durham (that’s like 8 miles and at the time it seemed like a pretty remarkable way to go). Back into town, and past the park, up the road from the primary school I went to, through the houses the same route I took back and forth to school and then through the estate back home.

It might not sound like any great shakes, but it was a slightly surreal experience, running through places that I either haven’t been to for years, or where I’ve only driven past on the way to visit my mum. Despite an aching ankle from Sunday’s North Tyneside 10K, and what I believe may be my first experience with DOMS*, I was smiling for quite a bit of the way. Given the fun of sorting out the new house and the joys of an uber-busy period at work, I’m pretty impressed with the smiling. Actually, the new house is coming along pretty well, thanks for asking, we should be able to actually be able to live in it sometime soon. 🙂

Because of the after-effects of the 10k, I suspect this week’s long run (22 miles) is not going to happen. I may make it out for another run if time allows, but I think a bit of healing is required…

*Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (I think). I had a wicked cramp in my calf at some point through Wednesday night. Now I’ve got a fabulous knot of ache at the top of said calf, and it’s still here on Friday morning. Is this DOMS? I have no idea. I’m calling it that, because that makes it sound more significant than “hurty-leg syndrome”, which was my starting point. While the ankle pain was first diagnosed as “ouchy-ankle-itis”, I’m coming around to the view that I have Latent Chocolate Withdrawal, and I plan on treating that as soon as possible.

Rock on.




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