He built a wall…

Posted: 09/04/2013 in Postcards From The Hedge

So the house move isn’t going quite as quickly as expected. To be honest, we were probably a bit hopeful of getting the whole house re-built in a week or so. After slumming it at the Quayside in Newcastle, we’re now camping it up in Northumberland, a little place called Harlow Hill. Renting a holiday cottage for a couple of weeks while the plasterer/plumber/electrician/roofer do their thing.

It’s ironic that I tweaked my ankle at the North Tyneside 10k and that, coupled with the extra work and house-sorting have meant I’ve barely made it out. A traipse around the old manor last week, but that’s it, and that made my ankle flare up a bit. A few days more rest and I’m champing at the bit to get out. The house is pretty much on Hadrian’s Wall, and not far from the route of The Wall in June. I need to get out and put a few miles in along the route. Still, as we’re here for a fortnight now, I’m sure I’ll fit a jaunt or too in.

My Marathon of the North race pack arrived today – Steve Cram’s folk even included a few safety pins to attach it to my vest. Great instructions and a jaunty yellow number. After the great organisation of the Kielder Marathon last year, I’m just as impressed with this event. Roll on 28th April!

  1. You new house is near the wall?

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