Is it is or ain’t it not?…

Posted: 22/04/2013 in Injury, Laughingly Called Training, Running

…a stress fracture?

My foot and ankle have been a bit, well, wonky since I ran the North Tyneside 10k at the end of March. Side to side movement of my ankle makes the outside hurt, and sometimes the side of my foot is a bit owwy too. I leafed through every “The Only Running Guide You’ll Ever Need” books in WH Smith, and none of the many lurid injuries there seemed to fit the bill. Then someone mentioned stress fractures, which seem to be identifiable by the fact that they’re a bit of a nonspecific thing, a touch of the hurts, and they don’t easily get better. Uh oh.

Still, as I’m a sensible runner, I’ve got a road marathon, the impressive Marathon of the North on Sunday coming. As most of the hurtiness seems to occur on uneven territory, perhaps it’ll be fine. Wikipedia (who wouldn’t be wrong, after all) say that one cure for a stress fracture is more stress. Bring it on.

I suppose we’ll all find out on Sunday, as I reckon I’m likely to fill you in on the gory (or not so) details one way or another.

Exciting facts:

  1. The new house now has hot water. I feel so 21st Century.
  2. On my last run with music, I was treated to “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats – bit of a blast from my youth that one. Also, Will Powers excellent “Kissing With Confidence” – Will’s “Adventures In Success” is probably the more motivational song, but this is the one I remember from Top of the Pops. If you don’t have these songs on your iPod, then you’re certainly missing something.

Rock on.

  1. J says:

    Get thee to a physio, man! They won’t be able to “magic hands” it better by the weekend but they might be able to give some tips on strapping up or using that weird tape. Anything to prevent your next blog post being entitled “Ow. My foot falled off”.

    Anyway, enjoy your Jetson-house 🙂


  2. J says:

    PS: I can’t listen to safety dance any more without imagining Homer Simpson singing “we can dance, we can dance, everybody look at your pants”.

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