Hills are cool, m’kay.

Posted: 07/05/2013 in Laughingly Called Training, Postcards From The Hedge, Running

New house, new neighbourhood, new routes to run. Mint.

Only it’s quite hilly where we’ve moved, which was a bit of a worry. Especially with a still-mildly-dodgy ankle that doesn’t like ascents and descents.

Still, I went out the on Sunday morning, ran a quick five miles round, through the village, down to the bottom of the valley, along a bit then back up and home. Yesterday I did the same thing in reverse.

It was good.

Actually, it was surprisingly good – I plodded up the hill nice and slow, kept running all the way and my ankle is feeling groovy. Perhaps this “put stress on it to make it better” thing works. Plus, I can run up an actual hill without either dying or having to walk.

Planning something a little longer for tomorrow night after work – there’s an 8-mile round that looks like it could be fun.

On Monday, I discovered you can get apple flavoured gels. Not as cool as banana, obviously, but I bought a couple to give ’em a try…

The countryside rocks.


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