Running Injuries: #1 – Wonky Foot

Posted: 15/05/2013 in Ailments For The Runner About Town, Injury, Running
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There are a lot of injuries out there that runners can avail them of. The discerning runner aims for things with a good Latin name to sound posh. illiotibial Band Syndrome being one of those, as is Planar Fascitis (I may have spelled that wrong). However, I’m not discerning, heck I’m not that much of a runner, so I prefer to be afflicted with much more working class ailments. In case you’re excited with this glossary of problems, I though I would share them.

Wonky Foot reveals itself as a mildly aching foot, all the way to a properly painful foot. The defining factor being that it just doesn’t feel right. A good wonky foot will defy any attempt to pass it off as something more high-brow, achilles problems or whatnot. If it could feasibly be a stress fracture, but not enough to lay you up, then the chances are that you’ve got Wonky Foot. You can run on it, but face the dilemma that the bottom of the offending limb may just possibly fall off.

It’s sometimes hard not to confuse Wonky Foot with the far less serious Bruised Bone. I had one of those once, and thought that was what I had again, but no, it’s not.

Foot + Wonk = Wonky Foot.

  1. thebriars says:

    I can feel a whole encyclopaedia coming on!

  2. diana says:

    red neck injuries, haha
    Sorry, feel for your pain, but still…..

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