Back to Black

Posted: 20/05/2013 in Laughingly Called Training, Postcards From The Hedge, The Wall

Well, back-to-back actually, but a quick AC/DC reference never hurt, eh?

I’ve completed my first “proper” back-to-back run, a long plod yesterday, followed by another long amble today. Because I like a bit of variety, I ran one way round the loop yesterday and then the other way round today. Clever, eh?

In short, it was a flat bit, a big downhill, a big uphill, a flat bit, a downhill, another flat bit, a trail bit, then a ridiculous uphill bit followed by a downhill bit back home. Sorry, that was today, it went the opposite way yesterday, but I won’t bore you – suffice to say there was enough uphill and downhill and surprisingly little flat. Just goes to show you what valley are like. Gain of 1,254ft, which doesn’t mean a great deal to me, I’m more of a metres person when it comes to height…

Was it good? Yesterday was grand, I felt like a proper runner. Today was pretty good too, though the final ridiculous uphill was a bit of a chore – I had to walk a couple of times as the strings in my legs were getting a bit tired.

What did I discover? Some drivers are arses, but most are great. Think I knew that already actually. Orange flavour gels are brilliant (though still not as good as banana)! I love my toe-socks, no blistery nastiness with these babies. The more you drink, the less you pack weighs – this is a key point when approaching hills. My wonky foot is getting better, I think, though off-road can be a bit of a problem.

So, that’s 24 miles in two days, but nothing compared to the fun of two 35 mile days when I run The Wall in June.

Still, proved I could run decent distance back-to-backs without my bum falling off.


  1. ACDC sang Back in Black (misspent youth). Was it Amy Winehouse who was Back to Black?

  2. … Yes it was (power of google). Both had alcohol related deaths though… I’ll shut up now.

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