That was the May that was.

Posted: 01/06/2013 in Event, Laughingly Called Training, Running, The Wall

Another month speeds past, and we’re heading into summer now. So how did may go:

Number of runs: 11

Total distance: 95.5 miles (d’oh, just short)

Average distance: 8.7 miles.

In May, I think I started to rediscover my running mojo. After a wonky ankle at the end of March that’s still hanging around, and moving house into the bargain, I finally started getting out and upping the mileage. Pretty essential stuff with The Wall coming in only 22 days…

Most of my runs are longer runs, and most are full-kit runs to get some valuable time in assessing the odd and ends. I’ve started running with a front pouch as well as my backpack – good for keeping gels and stuff in, but it does bounce around a bit.

Last week I took part in the George Ogle Memorial Race, put on by the PB Fitness Running Club from Rowlands Gill. It was a lovely six mile jaunt up and down the valley, and came with a proper printed t-shirt. Result!

So, with three weeks to go, it should be time to start to taper – however, a week or two of long back-to-backs is probably more in order…

Blaydon Race in just over a week – love the Blaydon Race – how many runs start with Can-Can dancers and end with a pickled onion? 🙂


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