If a picture tells a thousand words…

Posted: 02/06/2013 in Laughingly Called Training, Video

..then what does a video do?

I tried out my GoPro camera with a handle mount on a training run the other night – a 16 mile jaunt that seemed to go on for a bit.

It’s no Oscar-winning performance, and the sound was no good, so I had to subtitle what (I think) I was saying, but the link to Vimeo is here:

Training Video

Oh yes.

  1. rundontrun says:

    Very entertaining. Don’t think I’d get away with the “talk to camera” bits while running in London however!

  2. Cool video. Country side looks beautiful. A friend of mine loaned me his video camera that he takes skiing. It straps to your head and doesn’t bounce too much while running. But I have a half-marathon on “tape”. Lots of uninteresting video with a few brief moments of mildly interesting!
    It is amazing the technology that you can get for not a lot of money these days.

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