Prep-etty prep prep…

Posted: 04/06/2013 in Event, The Wall

My usual race kit prep usually consist of ensuring that I’ve got my shorts on. Maybe a casual check that I’ve remembered my number, but that’s about it.

This ultra-running lark is a different thing entirely. I need to have full waterproofs, I need to have a first aid kit, I need £20 in case I get lost and need to start a new civilisation somewhere in the Northumberland hills. But that’s not all, I also need a mid-race bag, with a tent and the gubbins that goes with camping out. A sleeping bag, a flimsy mattress, some way to make a brew in the morning, a VW camper van and an array of chefs, waiters and butlers. Well, maybe I might manage without a few of those…

Still, it takes a bit more planning than I’m used to, and I’m starting to think I should get the things together and see if I can cram them all in a bag.

If you hear a loud “sproing!” from the hills above Blaydon, it’s just my kit ejecting from said bag… beware a shower of knick-knacks and gee-gaws…

  1. thebriars says:

    But I thought Geordies _were_ a new civilisation somewhere in the Northumberland hills…

    Good luck Bees – hope you have a successful event – we look forward to the review/pics! (you did pack the camera didn’t you?)

  2. When is this trial of athleticism?

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