Waiting for tomorrow – The Blaydon Race

Posted: 08/06/2013 in Event, Laughingly Called Training, Running, The Wall

Yup, Blaydon Race tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited – the Blaydon Race was the second proper race I ever ran, back in 2012, so it’s only the second opportunity I’ve had to compare what’s changed in the course of a year. On the 8th June last year, I was a little apprehensive, quite excited, getting over a long term niggling injury. So, to sum it up, nothing at all has changed one bit. Hmm…

Well, perhaps that’s not quite true – last year the thought of running the Blaydon Race at just short of 10k was a bit daunting – would I make it, would I stop, was I going to need to walk? Whereas this year it’s more of a lovely jaunt out in the (fingers crossed) sun. In fact, I’m thinking about running home to High Spen after finishing, as 6 miles doesn’t really get me anywhere in terms of training.

Speaking of training, that’s two weeks to go until The Wall now – I’m putting the last bits of kit together, confusing myself over what/whether to get a stove, and otherwise messing about. Put my tent up today, which after ten years in the loft looks mighty good – no idea how it’ll fare if it rains, but think I’ve not got time to re-proof it. Checked out my similarly aged Therm-a-Rest to find it still holds air. All looking good so far.


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