Capsule Review: Road ID

Posted: 16/06/2013 in Review, Running, Vegan

RoadIDI run a lot of country roads at the moment, often with no path, track or other escape to the side. I generally figure I’m savvy enough to be safe, but we all know that only holds until something goes wrong, right?

I’ve had a few instances where drivers have been going too fast and come close to me, and a couple of memorable ones where drivers I can only refer to as *arseholes* have deliberately passed as close to me as the can. I have to rely that while they are imbeciles, they are fully in control of their vehicle. Hmm.

I heard about RoadID a little while ago, and now I’m out in the country roads, I thought it was about time I made sure my flattened corpse could be identified and mailed back. You choose your band design (thin, thick, different materials, colours, etc.) and then enter your text – the site gives helpful hints of what to put on each line. There’s the option of a stand-alone set of info, or a one with a phone number to get in contact with RoadID and get any relevant medical details. As my most relevant medical detail is “trainee vegan” and I don’t know my blood group, I went for the unconnected (and thereby no yearly fee) option. I didn’t check whether it works internationally, it’s an American company, but as I already knew I was going for the basic version I didn’t do any more research.

My band has my name, year of birth (but not date!), area I live in, next of kin details, my laughable lack of medical details and a motivational phrase. I think the motivational phrase is going to come in useful – it did on my quick run today when I was contemplating a bit of walking…

Anyhoo, I got a nice e-mail thanking me for my purchase, and details of when it would be expected at the door. A package turned up on Thursday gone, a day early (I think), and there it was, fresh from across the Atlantic.

The basic red version I went for is a webbing strap with a velcro fastening, with the little plaque held on to a mildly elasticated strip, it looks well sturdy, and in taking it out in the woods for a swift five-mile on the trails I barely noticed it was there. You can take the detail plaque off and replace it, or stick it on another band, but it looks like there’s no way it could easily escape in normal use.

All in all, very impressed, and feel psychologically a bit better about running on odd country roads now. Taking it with me to run The Wall next weekend, in case my sugar-depleted body is found somewhere between Carlisle and Newcastle and I’m mistaken for a Roman corpse…

EDIT: The Sport version (the one that I bought) has reflective stitching – didn’t notice that until just now, so extra-safety fun at night… and it’s Vegan!

  1. Jay says:

    Fantastic review. I was teetering on the verge of getting one and you’ve just swung it.

    PS: you’re still on the list for some Born To Plod tat. But I’m very very very very lazy.

  2. I teetered for a good while – also looked at CramAlert, but plumped for this one as I liked the look much better. A range of colours and the option to write a message to my future self were the compelling reasons. đŸ™‚

    No worries on the tat-delay, we are de-tatting at the moment, so probably as well or the tat may have been lost in The Great Purge. On the other hand, this process will leave lots of space for new tat, hurrah!

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