Pre-race jitters

Posted: 21/06/2013 in Ailments For The Runner About Town, Event, Running, The Wall

We all get them – at least I assume we do, it seems a bit unfair if some folk are totally unfazed by the looming shadow of the future, but at least most of us get them.

I’m starting to think that the intensity of the jitters is directly connected to the psychological size of the event. I had huge jitters on my first ever race, the 2012 North Tyneside 10k. Yet this year I only had mild butterflies beforehand. At the Kielder Marathon last year I was back and forth to the porta-loo like a yo-yo with jitters.

And so we come to today – I’m off to run Hadrian’s Wall tomorrow, but staying in Carlisle tonight for the early start. Do I have the jitters? Oh heck, yes.I’ve packed, I had a list, I crossed the things off as they went in. Once they were all in, I took them all back out again and checked them off a second time because I didn’t quite trust myself. They’re all sitting there now in the bag, though I can’t shake the feeling that one traitorous sock or tent peg is hiding somewhere. I may check again, I mean, you would, wouldn’t you?

This run has been a long time coming – I signed up for it last Autumn and while I’ve run a few other races in that time it’s all been building towards this weekend.  And so the jitters are multiplied a thousandfold. It’s built up in my mind to be Rocky and Chariots of Fire all rolled into one. It’s possible I may weep at some point, hopefully at the end from happiness, rather than part way through from pain.

I’m pacing like a caged lion.

I’m nervously checking things.

I’m thinking about things I may have forgotten. (Sunglasses? Check)

I think the best thing might be if I just get the heck underway – maybe the feeling will subside a little, and the nerves about missing the train can begin.

It’s not helping that Twitter is lit up with people packing, jittering and generally doing the same thing I’m doing – well, not all of Twitter I guess, just the peculiar corner I inhabit. Rat Race, who organise the event are posting pictures of the registration desk, the race shop and generally doing nothing to calm me down whatsoever.

It’s possible I  may actually explode with expectation.

It’s fantastic. Long live the jitters!

See you all on the other side. If my legs and my GoPro hold out, there may even be a bit of video…

P.S. So many thanks to everyone who’s sponsored me – I’m over my target now and that will mean a lot as the miles stack up. However, there’s still room for more sponsoring if you feel like it – the link’s at the top there…



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