Run In Trash Out

Posted: 14/07/2013 in Randoms

I’ve invented a new game. Well, it’s not a game, more of a social responsibility thing, but if I tell you it’s a game you might get excited…

When I was running through the woods today, I came across a crisp packet. SLightly dismayed, I picked it up and stuck it in the pocket of my trusty Ronhill Trail Cargo shorts. A bit later on, I came across the bottom of a popular mountain biking descent, and found a multi-pack Double Decker wrapper and all it’s attendant  individual bar wrappers. Again, into the pockets they went. What now, a family size Peanut M&M packet. Pockets getting a bit full now.

OK, so there are no bins in the woods. That’s a good thing, I think, but it doesn’t give people a free pass to drop their rubbish. There are also no bins in the car park, which means you have – oh no! – take your crap home with you. Or in this case hope someone else might do it for you.

In geocaching there’s a saying, Cache In Trash Out – and I think we can pilfer this one for running.

I’m inventing Run In Trash Out, and next time I venture into the woods I plan to take a spare carrier bag. If we all take one or two bits, the world will be a tidier place in no time.

I hope you might join me in the game – heck, send me picture of the trash you’ve collected and I’ll post ’em up on the blog, complete with a ringing endorsement of what a fine human being you are…


  1. Great idea. Let’s hope it goes viral!
    Why do people feel like the best place for their trash is on the ground? Few things make me crazier than to be at a stop light and see someone in the car in front of me toss some trash out the window. If I took a bag with me for a run down one of my local streets I think it would be full in one block.

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