Did I mention the dog?

Posted: 23/07/2013 in Journal, Laughingly Called Training, My dog is runnier than yours...

I’m not sure I did – but we got a dog last week, he’s a five year old Golden Retriever, and came from some nice folk who just didn’t have the time to walk him enough. Well, we’ve walked him quite a bit, and he seems to be a bit runny, so I thought I’d see what he made of it if I plodded along with him…


(Is it time for a walk? Can you check your watch? Again?)

Well, I took a punt tonight and went out for the post-work walk in my shorts and trainers (with the dog). With a mind to not pushing him, we crossed the single road to the playing field and I let him off the lead. Whoosh! Like normal, off he went, but I ran a nice slow pace behind him, keeping pace. Across the field and through the golf course, and he kept on going – stopping a couple of times for some especially smelly bits, but broadly ecstatic to be on the go. I figure he ran about as much as usual, just in a straight line rather than around and about. We walked a bit on the hill and down to the gate into the woods. Other side of the gate and he took off again, not so fast, but I went nice and slow so as not to push his pace. Along to the stream and in he went, wandering through and having a drink.


(Dog collecting rubbish – he’s good at that)

Around the overgrown path, mostly walking, then back to the path out and a sit down for a proper drink of water and a bit of a pant. Walked back through the golf course and home – I’ve got a very panty but pretty happy looking dog – think he may be having a sleep soon.


Bloomin’ eck, we got a dog…


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