What a difference a(nother) year makes

Posted: 11/11/2013 in Journal, Running, Uncategorized
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Almost without noticing it, another year of running ha crept around – that’s a grand  total of two now.


I’m not convinced I look any more like “a runner” than I did a year ago. Also not convinced that running with my eyes shut is a good way to go on…

The photo was taken at Blackhill Parkrun yesterday, which turned out to be a lovely mildly hilly Parkrun. I reckon that (winter allowing) I’ll be back there again soon – it was a canny run. I did get a bit confused at the end of the third lap and had to check my phone to see how long I’d been going so I could judge whether I’d completed the run or not. Turned out I had, then I had no idea where the finish was (note to self, if you turn up as the run is starting, no-one will have the time to explain the route to you), all of which must have added on a good ten seconds or so.

Anyway, another year goes by, and what’s to show for it? Well, in Year 2 I did these:

  • My first repeat event, the North Tyneside 10k on Easter Sunday.
  • My second marathon, the Marathon of the North, the finest not-quite-a-full marathon of the year, the distance is now oficially referred to by England Athletics as a “Short Marathon”.
  • My first ultra marathon – The Wall, 69 miles from Carlisle toe Newcastle over two days.
  • My first fell fun, the awesomely mad Simonside Fell Race.
  • My second ultra – the Jedburgh Three Peaks – 38 miles including a few times up a volcano.

The aim of year two (looking back at last year’s report) was more long runs, more trails and more barefoot running. While I haven’t done much proper barefoot running, I now only run in barefoot shoes, and I reckon I hit trails and long runs a bit through the year.

So what’s the plan for year three? Well, I have a few thoughts, but broadly speaking I’m planning to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully get a little better at it.

I’ve got one event planned, the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon in April. My erstwhile Wall-buddy Jon is going to do it too, so some ace company to speed the miles by.

I’m going to try to get into the Marathon du Medoc in September – a lovely 26.2 miles through French vineyards with wine tasting. What’s not to like?

I reckon there’s a good chance I’ll do the North Tyneside 10k again this year, and I’d hope to get a spot in the Blaydon Race again. Other than that I suspect it will all be new races, well, maybe the Simonside Fell Race as well, that was fun.

Looking at the Stat-O-Meter™, I can also see that I’m not popular in Greenland. That’s a bit of a shock, as I would have thought Santa would have been checking in to make sure I’ve been good? WordPress tells you how many views you’ve had from each country and even provides a helpful map. I’ve made my plodding entry to all the continents, but there is a big white gap where Greenland sits – maybe they’re more about sprinting than the long plod, who knows? Maybe part of my aim in Year 3 should be to make my blog more appealing to Greenlanders, but I worry that would be at the expense of the rest of the world…  perhaps I’ll tag this post with “Greenland” and hope I get lucky – it’s not like I’m trying to complete my collection of countries (no, definitely not that, no way no how) but it is a pretty big country, and it does rather stand out now…

  1. emskiruns says:

    Here’s to getting big in Greenland this year – this has made me want to get check out my map now too 🙂

    You’ve had an awesome year well done for all those events!

    Wow the Glasgow to Edinburgh is an epic run I salute that effort what a great challenge!


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