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Posted: 22/11/2013 in It happened in the night, Laughingly Called Training, Postcards From The Hedge, Running
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Three little deer, all in a row…

A run in the dark in the woods is a great thing. In the freezing air, with the stars shining through the trees, it’s positively magical.

It’s winter, folks, and night-time running is about where it’s at during the week – late finishes at work, in I get, walk the dog, go for a run.

I’m used to seeing deer now, they live in the woods and watch me plod past. They’ve stopped running away now when I plod past – I know that sounds like I’m some massive nature-freak and like the deer, y’know, they like know I’m no threat, right? I base it on facts – on the route I often run, the deer don’t run. On the bits I don’t run too often the deer run. That’s it – properly scientific.

Tonight, as I ran us the hill I noticed a pair of eyes. The another, and finally a third. There were three deer, in a row, watching me. Did the middle one snigger? They might have.

It was lovely. I felt quite lucky.

Later on, another deer was ambling across the path – it stopped and looked at me – I thought it was a dog, a greyhound, but they’re small these deer and can catch you off guard. Even that one just wandered off into the undergrowth.

I love running in the woods at night.


  1. That’s cool. I used to work in New Hampshire and run on secondary roads with out a lot of traffic. One day I looked down a side street and saw a deer just standing there looking at me. It only happened once, but it was pretty cool.
    I’ve never run in the woods in the dark, but it sounds like an adventure. You must use a head lamp, or do your eyes adjust enough to be able to avoid tripping?

    • No – head torch is pretty vital. 🙂

      I’ve got a Silva Trail one, the older version, and find the spread of less intense light is better than a uber-powerful spotlight. I use it on the half power setting most of the time. Deer show up as a pair of green dots from their eyes – easy to spot if you’re pointing at ’em.

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