A long time ago, in a herbal remedy shop far, far away, a young chap knew about essential oils, herbs and unguents. Over the next ten years, after leaving the confines of the shop, he forgot pretty much everything he knew. Yes, that was me. Doh.

It’s true. I used to manage a shop selling herbs, oils and flower remedies. I was a bit of a hippy as it goes. Still am, I suppose, other than the iron-hard-commercial-savvy*, obviously.

It didn’t all go – I remember the odd bit of stuff here and there. That thing about drinking capsicum tincture for example – man, that’s hot. Don’t be doing it, though it clears the tubes something untrue. There was a recipe in Bartrams herbal book, for something called “life drops” – a mixture including capsicum, cola, and a pile of other things. It was like oral smelling salts, and if it didn’t kill you, it would either cure you or make you feel like someone had set fire to your innards.

Anyway, you might be thinking “what’s all this got to do with tendonitis”. Well, only a little – bear with me, it’s a tenuous link, don’t break it or the world might fall apart.

I’ve had a bit of a twinge in the old left Achilles bit**, and it’s not been getting better. If I run it doesn’t really get much worse, and if I rest it then it doesn’t get much better either, so a nil score draw there. So what to do?

So far, I’ve followed my own sage advice*** and plodded on, in the hope it would give up and go away. It hasn’t.

Clearly it’s time to bring out the big guns and dredge out half-remembered urban myths from the mists of time. That’ll sort it, nae bother.

A quick check of that old trusty internet learned me three things about tendonitis:

  1. If you damage the ol’ tendons, then the ‘tubes’ (often referred to as sheaths, but there you go) around them can get scar tissue as they’re whapped off the bone and the heal. Whapped being a technical term, I hope.
  2. As the tendons move, they can grate on the ol’ tubes and this can cause irritation an inflammation. If something says -itis, then it means inflamed. That is the one bit of cast iron truth in this post that I’m sure of. That’s the bit that hurts, I think.
  3. A good bit of massage is a helpful thing for tendonitis.

Now, I remember that Rosehip Oil is good for scars from operations and the rest – smudge a bit on every now and the scarring may magically fade away, like a rude message written on a steamed up window now you’ve put the fire on.

You can use it to massage, and guess what, I just said that massage is good, and rosehip oil is good for scars, so that’s two things ticked off the tick list. This is looking good. If I stretch the mind, then I can figure that the rosehip oil might seep into my old pins and get to the tubes that are causing all the ruckus.

What to do about the inflammation? Well, ginger’s good for that, eh? Apparently it is – I didn’t remember that, the lady in the shop told me.

Sooooo, rosehip oil, a few drops of ginger essential oil and massage the whole onto the Achilies bit and maybe we’re onto a winner?

I started with it this evening, so only time will tell. Either that or I’ll get eater by a ginger-obsessed forest creature. Either way, it’ll make for a heck of a tale.

Rock on.

*I own a suit. I think that’s what counts as iron-hard-commercial-savvy, or at least I hope it does. I don’t own a tie any more, after a momentary wardrobe-purge moment several years ago. If anyone asks, blame it on the bad influence of Mr Ritchie – he bushwhacked the path of neck-based-casualness and I merely pruned the nettles in his wake…

**I think, I’m not too good on anatomy, but when I think about the Achilies bit, that’s the bit I think of.

***As in clever, it’s not about making the best stuffing, though I could point you in the right direction if you’re stuck.

  1. Jay says:

    You’re blaming Lionel Ritchie for your tielessness? He gets blamed for EVERYTHING these days.

    • If you look at the number of people who accidentally started doing pottery as a result of his antics, I think you can see he’s not blameless in any way.

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