I hugged a tree (and I liked it)…

Posted: 01/02/2014 in It happened in the night, Laughingly Called Training, Running, Tree hugging
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Let’s be honest, you probably thought I’d been doing this all along anyway?

Just a short run tonight – dark and in the woods. You know something is either very right or very wrong when you find a half-mile of ankle deep mud track and promptly add it to your favourite run. Not sure what it means when you also decide to make it an out-and-back, making it a cool mile of mud-plugging. My shoes think I’ve lost my mind, they could be right.

Anyway, second time around the circuit and I passed the tree. The tree has been in and out of our family mythology for a while now – walks to the tree, discussions about the tree, a good look at the tree. It’s a nice tree, what more can I say?

I turned around at the tree tonight to head back home, and in an impromptu moment gave it a hug.

Trees, it turns out, are fairly good huggers, a good solid presence.

You should give it a go.


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