Medal please!

Posted: 07/02/2014 in Running
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I have a plan.

I call it “The Plan”, because capitals makes it sound like it’s a real thing.

It lurks on my phone and reminds me day by day of the runs I should be doing in order to be fighting fit for the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra.

I’ve had The Plan for five weeks now.

I have not run a single session of The Plan on the right day so far.

In truth, many most of the runs on The Plan haven’t been run at all, never minds at the right time.

They’re not especially long, the weekday runs are 4-8 miles.

The long weekend run is up to 24 miles, so that was always a little hopeful from a standing start.

However, last night I got myself out the door, ran a spangly six miles and finally crossed off one of the runs on the actual day.

I am so epic.

I deserve a medal.

If you have a spare medal, please send it me, I think I deserve it.

I think lefty big toe-nail is preparing to wave goodbye – he’s not looking too chipper.

In other news, Lakes in a Day, eh? That sounds fun… 🙂

  1. splutterandroll says:

    My plan is out the window too. Maybe I should be worried about my cavalier approach to marathon training. Ah well.. Lakes in a Day does sound fun!

  2. I try to remember my (alleged) mantra, that “every mile counts”. Not sure how that works when I’m sitting in the house, but it gives some comfort. 🙂

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