Myself and my partner-in-plod Jon jointly form the Dashing Accountants. We both plod around (he’s more the dasher than me, like a zephyr that man) and we’re both accountants, hence the name.

Last year, we ran The Wall, 69 miles in two days between Carlisle and Newcastle. And you know what, I think we got the taste for the whole west-to-east cross-country thing, but maybe not so much the two-day-windy-campsite thing.

To feed out unusual addiction, we’re running the 55 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon in April. A much more sensible straight 12 hour jaunt this time, with a soft-and-fluffy hotel bed at the end.

Because we like a lovely warm feeling when we run that isn’t caused by involuntary weeing after fifty miles of plodding, we’re raising a quid or two for Age North Tyneside. With a bit of luck we’ll all get there eventually, so think of it as forward planning. To old age, I mean, not North Tyneside – if everyone turned up there it would get a bit crowded…

So, give us a quid, eh?

We’re using Everyclick, and you can get directly there by clicking here.

G’won. 🙂


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